Stephen Amell, Willa Holland: Breakthrough Cast of The CW’s ‘Arrow’ Helps Make Show a Hit (GALLERY)

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Stephen Amell stars in the hit CW superhero show
A terrific ensemble cast can turn a good show into a great one. That’s what happening with The CW’s Arrow, where a breakthrough cast of young and veteran actors is helping propel the superhero series from cult following to mainstream success.

Anchored by talented eye candy Stephen Amell as the titular lead character and his alter Oliver Queen, Arrow offers something different for those who like their superheroes without all the big budget pyrotechnics. The cast works well together to create a gritty, believable world where it’s not that hard to imagine a rich young playboy who trades in his life of leisure to help those in need.

Also generating buzz for Arrow are Paul Blackthorne as the nefarious Detective Lance and David Ramsay, who plays John Diggle, Queen’s bodyguard and chauffeur. Ramsay is well known to fans of Dexter, where he played a sketchy CI informant.

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What about the women of Arrow?

Arrow also stars some of the hottest women on primetime, including Katie Cassidy (Gossip Girl, Melrose Place) who stars as Laurel Lance, a crusader for social justice with complicated ties to Oliver Queen/Arrow.  Willa Holland also brings established TV chops to the series, having played roles in hits The O.C. and Gossip Girl.