Christina Aguilera Dishes on Her New Album, ‘Lotus’: ‘It’s My Labor of Love’ (VIDEO)

Christina Aguilera’s new album Lotus is her “labor of love.”

“I give my heart and my soul into every record that I do,” Aguilera told reporters after Tuesday’s The Voice. “I’m very detail oriented. I’m quite the perfectionist and hard on myself, so that I can make the best product and expression to my fans to help motivate them to be the unbreakable flowers themselves which is what Lotus stands for and represents.”

The superstar explained that her seventh studio album is “a celebration record.”

She continued, “Lotus represents throughout the toughest of weather conditions and being in this business is going to come with a lot of tough weather conditions.”

“It’s about surviving and staying strong and, of course, the message I encourage my team to take on – live in the moment, be about the moment – learn everything you can out of this experience to make yourself as an individual artist better,” Aguilera explained.

This season on The Voice, there has been more than one contestant who has taken on the judges’ golden pipes performing “Ain’t No Other Man,” “Fighter” and “Lady Marmalade.” Aguilera, 31, revealed if there was a song she’d like a contestant to cover off her new album, it would definitely be “Sing For Me.”

“’Sing For Me’ is a song I wrote specifically about before I had success in my life, sitting on my bed being lonely,” she said. “All I had was those three little notes or melodies to cling on to and to be able to express myself and release myself from a chaotic day or whatnot.”

She added: “That’s the song that I really wanted to help inspire future generation of real singers and vocalists. Now a days with so much autotune and everything kind of given the opportunity sort of manufactured, I really wanted to make records within this record that would truly, hopefully, motivate future singers especially on The Voice when you come out there and you just have a mike and a stage.”

Lyrics for “Sing To Me” as well as the other songs on Aguilera’s new album available on Direct Lyrics.

Aguilera’s Lotus is available in stores and on iTunes now.

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