Judge Throws Out Paparazzi Counts In Justin Bieber’s High-Speed Chase Case (REPORT)

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Justin and Selena Split
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Justin Bieber has found himself at the center of a controversial ruling over the paparazzi.

A judge in his car chase case ruled Wednesday that the California paparazzi law which forbids them to chase celebrities while taking photographs is unconstitutional, according to TMZ.

The ruling by Superior Court Judge Thomas Rubinson was made in the case against paparazzo Paul Raef, who was booked after becoming involved in a 100 mph high-speed chase of the teen sensation in July.

Judge Rubinson threw out two of the four criminal counts against Raef finding that the new law was “problematic” as it suppressed the more legal media from doing their job, according to the report.

But it is expected the Los Angeles City’s Attorney’s Office will likely appeal the ruling, meaning that the 18-year-old heartthrob could become a test case as the authorities look to clamp-down on the paparazzi.

The 2010 original paparazzi law raised the penalty for those who drive dangerously in pursuit of photographs for commercial gain.

The law was prompted by the experiences of Jennifer Aniston, who provided details to lawmakers on being unable to drive away after she was surrounded by paparazzi on Pacific Coast Highway.

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