Lindsay Lohan: ‘I Haven’t Had True Love Yet’ (VIDEO)

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From Jared Leto to Wilmer Valderrama to Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan has had her share of high-profile romances. But none has been her happily ever after.

“Love is scary and I’m yet to find that one person,” the actress told the UK’s Mirror. “Yes, I’ve been in love with people — maybe one or two — but I haven’t really had a true love yet.”

And that’s something that sets her apart from the late Elizabeth Taylor, whom Lohan portrays in Liz & Dick, an upcoming made-for-TV Lifetime film that chronicles the Hollywood icon’s scandalous and tumultuous relationship with actor Richard Burton.

“I can only imagine what it would be like to have the kind of love that she and Richard Burton had,” Lohan said. “It’s such a wonderful thing. It’s so heartbreaking. I relate to the fact that Elizabeth Taylor once said, ‘I love being in love.’ I do, too. I love being in love. There’s nothing better than that first feeling of being in love, so I look forward to having that at some point.”

Though their love lives differ, Lohan said she feels a kinship with Taylor — both grew up in the spotlight as child stars, both have been bashed by the media, and both have endured romantic hardships.

“I fought to get the role in Liz & Dick because I related to her so much because of her position in the public eye and the media obsession with her, and the ups and downs in her relationships and life,” Lohan explained, adding with a laugh: “And that’s aside from her love for diamonds!”

“We’re both strong-willed, and Elizabeth and her mother had a similar bond to the one I have with my mother,” Lohan continued. “I learned from Liz that it’s OK to be in love and have heartache. She and Burton loved each other so much it was scary.”

Liz & Dickwill mark an on-screen comeback for Lohan, following years of legal woes and several stints in rehab. And Lohan said she hopes its the first step in restoring her reputation. “I love acting, and that’s what I started out doing, and it’s unfortunate that people began to know me as a celebrity rather than an actress,” she said. “I can only hope to gain respect back through my work.”

She added that she regrets her troubled past and is ready to move forward. “It’s unfortunate that some of the things that are meant to be kept private have been exposed,” she said. “I’ve drawn from experiences and from things I’ve seen and grown up with and I don’t want to go back.”

Liz & Dick will air Thanksgiving weekend on Sunday, Nov. 25 at 9PM on Lifetime.

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