‘Supernatural’ Guest Star Osric Chau Dishes on Kevin’s Journey: He ‘Has to Focus’

The last time The CW’s Supernatural introduced a character who was presented to Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) as a prophet, he turned out to be so much more. But the Winchesters don’t know how Chuck was actually writing their story, not merely transcribing it, so when they met up with Kevin (Osric Chau), a brand new prophet, they didn’t think much of it.

Now, though, Kevin is arguably the most important key to the Winchesters’ work — and the show’s mythology —  though. He holds great power simply by having the ability to read the tablets, on which the Word of God is written. Can Kevin be trusted? And just how challenging will things get for him and his mom (Lauren Tom)?

Celebuzz caught up with Chau to find out!

“I think they’ve showed enough of the story with Kevin to show he isn’t just tied into the lives of the Winchesters,” he told us. “He kind of has his own story going, and it travels parallel with the Winchesters.’ So at this point, and every other point coming up, I don’t see Kevin as being one of those characters [that isn’t being truthful], but they could always change the dimensions of what happens with him. I believe his intentions are true.”

Though Kevin and his mom have been on the run for the last few episodes, it was more about staying safe and under the radar than intentionally avoiding Sam and Dean. With Crowley (Mark Sheppard) out for blood — and having used his mother as a meat suit — Kevin was doing anything he could do so the demon wouldn’t catch back up with them.

“Anyone that you love, whenever you’re in a position of danger, you want to keep them close because you want to protect them,” Chau said. “Obviously, they can get in the way. So, Kevin is struggling with that. He’s struggling with whether Crowley will go back after his mom or not.”

“But his mom is such a strong character, and his [own strength] really does come from her,” he added. “In that sense, he’s not worried about her at all, but he does have a purpose — he does have something that he can do that no one else in the world can, so he has to focus. It’s like he’s studying for an exam; his mom can’t do this thing for him.”

On “A Little Slice of Kevin” Kevin’s mother takes action of her own, by enlisting a witch (guest star Cyrina Fiallo) to concoct a demon bomb. But, when the witch double crosses the Trans, they find themselves in need of a little Winchester intervention.

“This episode in particular is pretty cool, and I quite enjoyed it, because there’s some fun stuff, and the director [Charlie Carner] would actually let us do some longer takes, which was nice,” he said. “We had some scenes where we just ran through the whole thing, and it felt like a stage show. That’s not something you get to do normally.”

“[The situation with the witch] is kind of bringing it back to reality for him,” he continued. “They’re on the run; they’re trying to stay safe from all these demons. You know, he’s kind of getting into this routine, where he’s trying to get back to his old life, in a way of speaking. He’s doing his own thing [from the Winchesters], and his mother is doing her own thing, but maybe it’s not working as well as he hoped.”

Chau also noted that working on Supernatural has challenged him as an actor and allowed him to “constantly learn” from those around him. One of the things he feels he has gotten more comfortable with as a result of the show is watching himself in scenes without nit-picking his performance (he shared that he has weekly Supernatural viewing parties with friends — even for episodes he’s not in). But he has also learned not to anticipate too much from a job or a character, because sometimes — like with the case of Kevin — the writers take the story to a place well beyond his wildest dreams.

“It feels like in each episode he changes so much, and there are different elements of him that we’re getting to explore,” he said. “There are a lot of things that I would have guessed at how it would go, but it’s gone a complete other way.”

“I didn’t think [Kevin] would go this far,” he added. “He’s definitely going through a journey, and it’s not what I expected!’

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