‘X Factor’s’ Emblem3 Reacts to Their No. 6 Ranking: Middle America Doesn’t ‘Understand the Surfer Thing’

'X Factor's' Tate Stevens
The singer talks about his No. 1 ranking.
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The singer will perform on the Top 12 show.
When FOX’s The X Factor revealed its Top 12 rankings, one of the biggest surprises was that guy group, Emblem3, wasn’t at the top. In fact, they were in the middle of the pack. In the moment, the Huntington Beach, Calif. guys couldn’t hide their disappointment over their No. 6 ranking.

“I was surprised, because our shows had been doing so well, we’d been killing it and all the feedback was super positive,” Wesley Stromberg tells reporters. “Our social media is like super high, it was the highest out of everybody. So, we were thinking that we were going to get higher than that.”

But, when Celebuzz caught up with the guys on Monday, they had some time to think about why they ended up there.

“Middle America is who votes the most,” Wesley continued. “I don’t know if we appeal to them as much. They’re not by the beach. They don’t understand the surfer thing. I don’t know.”

But, the big question is what the guys will do now in order to climb up the rankings, especially as their mentor Simon Cowellhas said that he won’t be letting them perform something original or play instruments quite yet.

“He keeps telling us to not blow our load too fast,” Wesley jokes. “Which I agree with in many different circumstances.”

“I think soon,” Drew Chadwick interjects about the timing. “This week is not the right week. It’s got the theme of ‘Diva Week,’ which is kind of strange for us.”

“Maybe Week 4 or 5 if we’re still here,” Keaton Stromberg adds. “That would be a good time to pull it out.”

So, what will the guys pull off for “Diva Week”? “The game plan is to recapture that ‘One Day’ moment that we had in the first week,” Wesley says.

“More like a song that we can express and connect to,” he continues. “We’ve been searching through the diva songs, they’re mostly like mushy, mushy, but we found one that’s legit, that’s respectful.”

The X Factor airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 PM on FOX.

Why do you think Emblem3 wasn’t at the top of the rankings? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below.

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