‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Recap: 5 WTF Moments From ‘I Am Anne Frank, Part 2’

Wow. So who saw that twist coming?

Ryan Murphy promised the best episode of FX’s American Horror Story yet — and he wasn’t bluffing. The second episode in the “I Am Anne Frank” saga concluded with an epic revelation: [SPOILER] is Bloody Face!

Let’s just say this is the episode that’s going to win Jessica Lange another Emmy. “God always answers our prayers, it’s just rarely the answer we’re looking for,” Sister Jude says. Perhaps, no one knows that better than Lana (Sara Paulson) and Kit (Evan Peters) after this episode. Between Anne Frank, aliens and Bloody Face, “I Am Anne Frank, Part 2″ had plenty of WTF moments.

Note: Spoilers if you haven’t watched Wednesday’s episode, “I Am Anne Frank, Part 2.”

1. Bloody Face is revealed! (And it’s a life ruiner.) 

Oh, Zachary Quinto. You were just too handsome not to be hiding something, but Bloody Face? Really?! Sorry readers, but I’m still coming to terms with this plot twist.

After last week’s episode, we started to see a darker side of Dr. Thredson (Quinto) and his methods. But when he aided Lana in her escape from Briarcliff, he redeemed himself. That is, until he took her back to his place — where he has a skull for a candy bull and makes lamp shades out of skin — and trapped her in his creepy cellar. Seriously, he’s like Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) 2.0.

The worst part? While in his cellar, Lana discovers Wendy’s (Clea Duvall) cold, dead body. It’s a heartbreaking moment — and it takes a turn for the seriously deranged when Thredson shows Lana the new additions to his Bloody Face mask: Wendy’s teeth. Oh Lana, I bet you wish you would have escaped with Kit and Grace right about now.

2. Anne Frank isn’t who she says she is. 

After Anne Frank’s attempt to kill Dr. Arden is ruined by Sister Mary Eunice/Satan (Lily Rabe), it’s revealed the woman claiming to be Anne Frank last is actually Charlotte Cohen, a young mother suffering from postpartum psychosis. Her worried husband tells Sister Jude that his wife’s obsession with Anne Frank started young, but it was only after the birth of their son she started referring to herself as the Holocaust victim.

Rightly fearing that Charlotte will be murdered by Dr. Arden if she stays in the asylum, Sister Jude releases her to her husband’s care. As for Dr. Arden, he may have taken a bullet to the leg, but that didn’t stop him from being his mean old self. He threatens to sue Sister Jude for her incompetence — that is, unless she grovels at his feet and begs for forgiveness. But Sister Jude isn’t the groveling type (thankfully), so McCreepy sulks off.

However, it’s Arden who gets the last laugh. Unable to deal with his wife’s erratic behavior, Charlotte’s husband brings her back to Briarcliffe. There, Arden convinces her husband to let him give his wife a lobotomy. The look of pure satisfaction on Arden’s face as he drove the metal rod into Charlotte’s skull was absolutely terrifying. It’s no surprise we learn Arden actually was a Nazi war criminal.

3. The aliens are back?! 

The alien storyline is still Asylum’sweakest link when it comes to substance. It’s hard to see what Murphy has in store for us when it comes to these extraterrestrial sightings.

Trapped in their isolation cells, Kit and Grace lament about how “there’ll be no tomorrow for either of us.” Oh wait, they spoke too soon. It looks like for Kit, there will be! Thanks to She-Devil Sister Mary, Kit is released from his isolation cell. Grace, however, isn’t so lucky. She’s going to go under the knife. That is, until she gets abducted by aliens. Grace isn’t having a very good day.

While on the creepy — and insanely bright — alien operating table, she sees a very pregnant Alma (alien baby?!), who reassures her to just relax. When Grace awakens, she’s bleeding from what may or may not have been Dr. Arden’s attempt to sterilize her. Unfortunately for Kit, he’s too busy getting dragged away by the police to help out his lady friend.

4. Kit makes a confession.

“My name is Kit Walker, and I murdered my wife.” NO YOU DIDN’T! Or did you? I have no idea.

Before Thredson l made his exit from Briarcliffe, he convinced Kit to confess to all of the heinous crimes he’s accused of committing. You see, in order for Thredson to hand in his assessment of Kit’s mental health with a clean conscious, he needs Kit to confess to the murders… on tape, of course.

As it turns out, Thredson (a.k.a. BLOODY FACE) duped poor Kit. Not only did he hand over Kit’s confession to the cops but he gave him a clean bill of mental health, which means Kit is most certainly headed for the electric chair. I’M SO SAD.

5. Dr. Arden maks a deal with the Devil.

Dr. Arden wants control over Briarcliffe. And with Sister Jude’s fate at Briarcliffe uncertain, he just may get what he wants.

So, how did Shelley (Chloe Sevigny) manage to disappear just moments after Anne Frank/Charlotte saw her? Sister Mary Satan, naturally! As she tends to Dr. Arden’s bullet wound, she seductively tells him that once he takes over Briarcliffe, she’d love to become his “strong right hand.”

Dr. Arden seems intrigued by the idea. After all, he’s impressed with the way she managed to hide Shelley’s body. “You’d be surprised. She weighed very little.” Cut to a very grotesque scene of Sister Mary Satan dragging poor Shelley out of Arden’s lab. Cue screaming.

Buzz Moments:

OMG!: When Shelley — or rather, what was left of Shelley — started crawling up the school yard steps, I literally yelped at my TV screen. It looks like Sister Satan didn’t hide you very well.

Awk-ward: Meeting the pregnant wife of the guy you hooked up with on an alien’s probing station has to be one of the most awkward fictional scenarios ever.

Hotness: Zachary Quinto, I know you’re Bloody Face and all, but… I JUST DON’T KNOW HOW TO QUIT YOU.

Fab-u-lous: That moment when Sister Jude went rogue and had a one night stand in her party dress and heels was amazing. Kudos to Sister Jude. She might be the only person to survive this entire mess. Who would have thought we’d be rooting for Sister Jude five episodes in? I just hope I didn’t speak too soon.

Can. Not. Wait.: I’m sorry RM, but we need to resolve this whole alien mess ASAP. Is Alma really still alive? And is she pregnant with Kit’s baby? And what happened to Grace? The questions are endless.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 9.5

American Horror Story: Asylum airs Wednesdays at 10 PM  on FX.

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