‘Brave’: Celebuzz Follows the Pixar Filmmakers to Scotland (VIDEO)

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15 years and thousands of DVDs since the format’s introduction, filmmakers have offered fans virtually every possible angle from which to look at the making of a movie. But Disney and Pixar offered Celebuzz a unique opportunity not just to see, but directly experience exactly what the makers of Brave went through when they created their latest animated odyssey.

To commemorate the film’s November 13, 2012 Blu-ray release, Senior Film Editor Todd Gilchrist joined a small group of reporters on November 3rd on a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, where he visited local sights, interviewed members of the filmmaking team including story supervisor Brian Larsen, and immersed himself in the same Scottish culture that inspired them on their creative journey.

As chronicled in the video above, Gilchrist flew from sunny Los Angeles to the overcast landscape of Edinburgh, where he went to not one but two bona fide castles that were each centuries old. Additionally, he engaged in a series of traditional Scottish activities including archery, falconry, folding (and wearing) a proper kilt, eating haggis (surprisingly delicious), scotch tasting (unsurprisingly delicious) and, of course, bagpipe playing.

During a tour of the countryside, the group got a real and palpable sense of the rolling hills and lush green pastures that eventually provided a backdrop for Brave’s story. Further, the authentic castles and buildings from hundreds of years ago became immediately linked to the old-world aesthetic of the film, and gave both the movie-watching experience and the locations themselves a richer sense of history, and beauty.

Watch Celebuzz’ report on Gilchrist’s trip to Scotland for Brave. Additionally, watch an interview with Brave producer Katherine Sarafian and co-director Mark Andrews.

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