'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Star Peter Facinelli Moves On in New York; 'Twilight' Actor Grabs a Bite With Actress Jaimie Alexander (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS & DETAILS)

Hollywood actor Peter Facinelli enjoyed a casual meal with actress Jaimie Alexander on Thursday -- and Celebuzz has your exclusive first look at the couple's meet-up in New York.

Sources for Celebuzz placed Facinelli, 38, and Alexander, 28, at The Penny Farthing in the East Village, where they sat down for a nice meal just prior to the premiere of Facinelli's latest movie, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part II.

"They had a great time," said the source, who confirmed they are dating. "They looked like a very cute couple."

Facinelli, who split from wife Jennie Garth in March after 11 years of marriage, worked with Alexander three years ago on the film Loosies. They reunited in Europe in August, while Facinelli was doing publicity for Breaking Dawn and Alexander was shooting Thor 2.

They were spotted together at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, according to sources.

A native of Greenville, SC, Alexander spent two years on the ABC Family series Kyle XY before going on to play Sif in the 2011 blockbuster Thor. She'll reprise her role in the film's much-anticipated sequel, Thor: The Dark Worldin May 2013.

Alexander will also star opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Last Stand, out nationwide on Jan. 18.

This marks the first time Facinelli -- who is in New York filming Nurse Jackie -- has stepped out with another woman since his split. Garth, meanwhile, has been linked to multiple men, including real estate agent Jason Clark and photographer Noah Abrams.

Check out more photos from Facinelli and Alexander's day out in our gallery, above.

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  • bmart

    Wow! Boy did he downgrade!!!

  • MOM2

    Peter and Jenni went through the ups and downs of marriage. Just when the kids are a little older he bails. Very sad but he can get a younger model. He is Mr. Big. Very Sad.

  • Tori

    He cheated on Jennie with this homewrecker,real nice girl(are you kidding me?!) Jennie is the winner in this as I lost all respect for Peter who tossed his whole family (wife and 3 daughters) for this loser.She deserved so much better then this jerk. She stood by him when he was a nobody and now he thinks he's a somebody,ok?! I won't watch anything he's in every again. Team Jennie!

  • Lo

    The real deal is sleeping your way to the top? If she considered him the top...

  • Lo

    If you consider "homewrecker" sweet!

  • Lo

    So glad you pointed that out. She was the main reason for the split. They kept it on the down low so it wouldn't affect her pathetic carrer!

  • Marda

    That makes me sooo sad!!!!

  • hontinue

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  • Tessa

    This woman isn't new. She's the one he cheated on Jennie Garth with. She is a homewrecker. They just haven't paraded thir relationship until now as a pr move, trying to avoid scrutiny and negative press on him having cheated before separting from Jennie. Douchebag. I can't understand a man who has daughters who treats the mother of his children this way. How would he fel if some guy treated one of his little girls this way in the future?

  • Shzzie53

    He's my least favorite character on Nurse Jackie.

  • Jayde

    He obviously thinks he is a huge star now, and felt he could move on to bigger and better things. I predict that after this last Twilight movie, he will go back to being in the shadows and will regret leaving his wife and children. The grass isn't greener, buddy, and you aren't getting any younger.

  • Sonia

    No one, not even your site Celebuzz didn't critize PF, he was unfaithful to his then wife, your sexist

  • okiegirl

    Jaimie is just STUNNING! I love everything about her. Peter is one lucky man! They make a beautiful couple that's for sure!!

  • Geraldine Sesto
    Geraldine Sesto

    What a big jerk, hope his career doses a nose dive. Jenny is better off without him.

  • cara

    Whatever. Jennie is much more attractive. Peter is a fool.

  • Suzanne

    There is something weird about this guy. I saw him on a tlak show a few months ago and the first thing out of his mouth was he was just divorced. He barely even said hello before blurted it out. His daughters are very pretty.

  • Wingrider

    Wow! She is beautiful and I hear she is a very sweet girl. I wish them well!

  • jan89482

    Love Jaimie Alexander! She seems so grounded and sweet. And Peter appears to be the same. Happy for them both. Hope the press leaves them alone.

  • Wedding Czar
    Wedding Czar

    What a beautiful couple! Love is in the air. Both seem to be such a class act. Now THIS is the stuff of Hollywood!

  • longhorn Lover
    longhorn Lover

    They look so happy together! I am so glad Peter has found someone like her. She seems so genuine and real. If you check out her fan page like I did, you can tell she's the real deal, and she's from Texas! Happy for them both!

  • Flower Child
    Flower Child

    They look amazing together! Good for Peter!!

  • Tom

    Now this one is extremely good looking girl!

  • Sneezy

    How are they being a couple just because they hold hands? And Jaimie looks adorable

  • Texas!

    Bad. :(