‘Cheaters’ Host Clark Gable III Dishes on New Season: ‘No One Likes to Get Caught in the Act’ (VIDEO)

Cheating in Hollywood
A look at some of Tinseltown's most infamous cheaters.
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Cheaters, beware.

Clark Gable III, the new host of the long running hidden camera reality TV series, Cheaters, is not afraid to confront those who deserve to get caught.

“They’re making one huge mistake when they have a commitment with somebody, and they’re getting caught red-handed in that mistake. And no one likes to get caught in the act,” the 24-year-old grandson of legendary actor Clark Gable recently told The Daily Buzz.

Earlier this year, Gable was hired to host the show, now in its 13th season, after Joey Greco was let go. Greco, who famously got stabbed during a Cheaters confrontation in 2003, was the face of the series for 10 seasons.

Cheaters is filmed in Dallas, Texas, and as Gable explained, the cameras are there for a reason.

“In Dallas alone, there’s a couple hundred thousand cases a year. People basically phone in and we see if there’s any validity in the case,” he said.

“We can pretty much go into any restaurant, any bar, any location that we want to with people having no idea what’s about to happen and make it look like a bomb just went off in everyone’s faces.”

Gable, who splits his time between Texas and Los Angeles, also said that he has no problem invading people’s private lives with Cheaters.

“I think it’s OK, because what I’m delivering is the truth. And I’m getting people through a point in their life where they’re either stuck or there’s some miscommunication that they can’t figure out, and it’s screwing up everything else around them.”

“We go out and we bust them.”

Cheaters currently airs in syndication.

For more of The Daily Buzz’s chat with ‘Cheaters’ host Clark Gable III, check out the video interview, above. 

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