Chris Brown and Rihanna Reunite: 'They Need Emotional Sobriety,' Says Jane Velez-Mitchell

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Are Chris Brown and Rihanna back together?

That seems to be the hot topic and the answer to the question changes daily. But, one thing is for sure, the parents of the two singers are rooting for them to get back together.

Brown’s mom, Joyce Hawkins, was recently spotted partying with the two on Halloween in West Hollywood, Calif., where they partied until the early hours of the morning.

“She [Brown’s mom] kept hugging Rihanna all throughout the night,” said the onlooker. “At one point Rihanna put her head on his mom’s shoulder and his mom kissed her head.” Given that Chris Brown is still on probation for assaulting Rihanna, is it a good thing that their parents are encouraging the two to reconcile?

That’s the question that Celebuzz posed to HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell, who had some strong words for the singers and their parents.

“This says more about the parents and their agenda than it does about what’s best for Rihanna and Chris Brown,” Velez-Mitchell explained. “Yeah, she [Chris Brown’s mom] wants the two to get back together and be a couple because that would diminish the seriousness of what Chris Brown did to Rihanna.

"Mom wants what is best for Chris Brown even though brushing that very serious assault over is not really what’s in the best interest for Chris Brown.”

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As for Rihanna’s dad, who stated that he’d like to see the two get married and called Brown a “super guy,” Velez-Mitchell has some insight into why he has been so supportive of the two reuniting.

Have you seen the pictures of how his daughter looked after he was brutalized by Chris Brown. What father would say that? Well, let’s go to Rihanna’s interview with Oprah where she reveals that she had a falling out with her dad at times for his alleged abusive behavior to her mom. So, by minimizing Chris Brown’s behavior, he is by extension minimizing his own behavior.”

Velez-Mitchell concludes that Brown and Rihanna seem to have co-dependency issues that stem from their parents that must be dealt with in order for the two to move forward.

“They need to stop covering up for each other and rationalizing each other’s behavior,” she said. “Rihanna and Chris Brown are extraordinarily talented stars, they’re beautiful, rich, famous, they have everything. What they need is emotional sobriety. The sooner they own up to how egregious this was, the sooner they’ll all be on the path to good mental and emotional health.”

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  • SEGO

    every fight is for (love) the world... MY LIL' HOMIES.

  • phi

    I'm sorry but, Rihanna and Chris are two adults and if she has found it in her soul to forgive this young man, then that is where it stops. The public (mock therapists included, Ms. Velez-Mitchell) has absolutely no say in what these two do. Just as we (and you Ms. Velez-Mitchell) wouldn't allow strangers to dictate our lives. This society loves throwing the words "Forgive and "Forgiveness" or terms like "turn the other cheek" around but doesn't seem to know how to actually forgive, show forgiveness or “turn the other cheek”. We seem to think that we have a right to judge a celebrity because they are in the public eye, but would balk and become completely offended should someone who sees us publicly every day at work or every Friday at the bar judge us similarly. We become offended if someone posts a catty a remark on FB but have no problem posting negative words about a celebrity on a blog. Chris Brown has completed his 52 mandatory weeks of Anger Management and has even continued his therapy to this day. Rihanna is also going through counseling. (let' us not forget both of these young people came from very abusive childhood backgrounds. Something all the judgmental posts, articles and grand standing artist ...i.e. Melissa Lambert, rarely mention) Chris has completed his Community service, he is adhering to his probation and has ALWAYS taken full responsibility for his actions. He has tried educate other young people so that they do not follow the same path he fell into. He is not a serial abuser, it took one occurrence and he has been trying to do right ever since. I find it very interesting that a young man (19 at the time now 24) who is NOT a repeat offender is held up as some sort of example of the worst kind of man, while Grown men with a proven track record for abuse both physical and emotional abuse like Sheen, Cage, Gibson,etc are just given a pass. That's right let's crucify the young man who has been getting help for his anger issues but just wave our hands at the men who have not gotten help and continue their abusive patterns. Where are your judgmental words for them? The blazing articles full of what they should be doing years later? The public, the law, both sets of parents and Rihanna asked certain things of him and he has done exactly what was asked. Rihanna sees the person he is trying to become and she forgave him. But according to many she shouldn't? She should stay locked in an emotional bitterness instead of releasing it and living her life freely? The world can't ask these two to jump through "their" idea of moral hoops and then when they stop condemn them. They are adults who fell in love as children and were torn away from each other. They never fell out of love. Did it ever occur to you Ms. Velez, that perhaps what these two are looking for is simply closure? They may not want to be in a relationship, but they do want to close a period in their lives that was left gaping. But even if they do decide to be together, just as you decide who you date and eventually marry or is their business and their right to do so without the world nay saying their every move. They have a right to their mistakes just as you, I and every other human being does. Our mistakes however aren't publicized by ever media outlet in the world. We don't have the world sitting as audience to our private issues. They can't say the same. Leave them alone and let them work their lives out themselves.

  • Kate

    With your plastic surgery-ridden face, you sit there to pass judgement. Ms perfect so safe you life..SHAME

  • Mike

    Jane Velez Mitchell, you write with so much venom over an event that happened 4yrs ago with two teenagers who are now adults. It shows that you have not live for 4yrs, you need a long thing up your ass. Imagine if this boy was your son (if you will ever have one) will you expect society to write him off for one childhood error? Let's not be hypocritical here, you went as far as passing judgment on their parents, are you perfect? Because from the pix of you that I see up there, you don't look to me like a happy soul. So my advice to you is go sort your life out and leave this two, they will be fine and they've loved ones and legions of fans praying for them to succeed in life. I am not sure you have ever said a pray for them if you care that much, all you can do is tear down and destroy with your words. Who need help now, them or you with so much in built hate. Advice, go get a life as others have all said ok. This story has ran it course, it is getting too old, boring, tiring and irritating. Go write on Charles Sheen, Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan etc. This two do not need your advice nor help. Peace be onto us

  • cree

    My goodness! you just spoke the mind of millions out there. This bigots think we do not see the double standard at play here. They are the most messed up race yet their business is to save others who are fine. It beats me why they are so adamant at interfering even when the 2 people involved have asked for space in so many ways and their parent have said same thing. Can we now cry more than the bereaved or what is the special interest?

  • shytown

    And let me not forget the Haters out there, who are just hating for no reason other than this girl is beautiful, gorgeous, talented and she packs a full house every time. She's a sweet girl and has no room in her life for you haters. So do youselves and the rest of us a favor and please get a freakin life or plastic surgery, whichever suits you, but save your hate for the trasht as that's where it belongs. Hating on this girl is not going to make her any less beautiful or any less talented and hating on Chris Brown is not going to make him any less talented, its not going to stop him from making his music and its not going change the man he is today. What many of us see is a young man who made a terrible mistake once in his life and he's doing everything he can to change his life around. There are so many young peopfle out here who have not even taken the first step in working toward changing their miserable lives around, but at least this young man is on the right track. Give him a chance to change and get off his Di"ck. If you haters can't do that much, then keep it moving, because either way, your evil minded comments is not going to change One Damn thing that he does in his life unless he chosses to let it. I give him credit for trying to make positive changes thats more than I would give most you bloggers and posters who continue to bash this young man over the head with his past. Do Us All A Favor and Get A Freakin LIfe of Your Own and concentrate on that, because the fact that you have that much time on your hands to make such hateful, mean spirited comments on these blogs, says alot about just how miserable your own lives must be. Feel sorry for you, but I wouldn't want to be you. Get A Life!!!!

  • shytown

    One of the few post I have read in a while that speaks of intelligence. Love your posting. My sentiments exactly. Its sad, but most of the people who won't let these two move on with their lives are "well we and they know who they are" Its been almost 4 damn years, yet the Evil ones with no life, or miserable lives can't seem to let things go and move on. Rihanna and Chris Brown are both grown azz adults, they were barely 19 when they were fighting, yet some people have such miserable lives, they obviously won't be happy until this girl Rihanna is miserable. They won't be happy until Chris Brown gives them his blood. What a sad unforgiving people, yet they are the main ones who will seeking forgiveness for all the mean, dispicable, hypocritical things they have most likely done during their lifetime. Enough is Enough. Let Chris and Rihanna live their lives as they see fit, its no ones freakin business but their own how they live their lives, what they do with their lives or how they feel inside. My advice for those who are all up in Rihanna and Chris Brown's business is to Get a Freakin Life of their own, because the more they keep rubbing their faces in their past, the more people who are in support of these two getting back together. Thank you for posting the above. Hopefully, others will take a hint from your posting and finally get on with their lives and stop making what Rihanna and Chris Brown do the Center of Their Universe! and get a Freakin Life! Rihanna and Chris Brown will be just fine, he has millions of fans who support him, Rihanna has over 26 million fans and if she and Chris Brown decide to give their relationship a second chance and she loses1 million fans, so what, she'll still have 25 million fans who support her, and if either of them decided to stop singing tomorrow, they're both rich enough that they can retire for life. So let the Haters out there keep hating and bashing them over the head with their past, it ain't going to change a damn thing as Chris and Rihanna are still both going to do WTF they want to do, after all its their lives and no one elses. Whats so hypocritical and funny, is that most of us know who the people are who can't seem to let the past go. Funny, how when you read some blogs, they bash Blacks for not getting over slavery where people died by the hands of their ancestors, yet they cannot find one ounce of forgiveness in their Evil hearts for others who make lesser mistakes. Hypocrits to the Core of their very Being! What a Sad People! Peace!

  • NisNis Stevenson
    NisNis Stevenson

    Jane et al it bothers me that people who have no inkling about what is really going on in the private lives of others should make such strong allegations or even feel so attached to another peson's life or lives. Yes, they are celebrities and this opens them up for media scrutiny but we must know when enough is enough. You have no right to keep beating Chris Brown or Rihanna up for this for the rest of their lives and you also have no idea of what steps they have taken to get help for that dreaded incident so stop constantly berating and condemning them. Would you rather see Rihanna a bitter woman who uses this incident to determine her future? She has forgiven him and clearly moved on and Chris Brown appears to be taking the steps in the right direction but people like you just will not allow them to move away from that terrible day and that is gravely unfair. Chris Brown is involved with charities that give back to domestic violence victims, taken anger management classes, continues to be on probation, etc etc. gosh! What do you folks want??? Blood? I do not think either of their parents are taking this lightly but it way past time you all move on from this because this is now an obsession! Leave them alone for God's sakes!

  • mijdfnjjkdf

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  • Garnet

    Miss Jane mind your business. Why do we as strangers always seem to meddle in the personal affairs of people we don't know? My advice keep your opinion about what OTHERS should do in THEIR personal relationships to YOURSELF...because at the end of the day, it ain't nobodies business.

  • mijdfnjjkdf

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