Lindsay Lohan Sports Blonde Bob for Surprise ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ Appearance (VIDEO)

lohan may get charged
The actress may face charges of lying to the cops.
Actress, singer, model — and now Lindsay Lohan has added hairdresser to her resume.

The actress stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to take part in the host’s recurring “Let Us Play With Your Look” bit. Wearing an all-white getup of feather-adorned, golden shades, plus a platinum-blonde bob wig, Lohan emerged from behind a bright spotlight, drawing cheers from the crowd.

As Jimmy Fallon — in a white bodysuit and a hairpiece identical to Lohan’s — continually crooned, “Let us play with your look,” the actress gestured for an audience member to take her hand and she escorted him down to the stage. Without uttering a word, Lohan seated the guest at a small table. For his new “look,” the star slopped globs of shaving cream cream on his hair and face.

As he reached the crescendo in his repetitive ditty, Fallon fell to the floor on a white carpet, which was swiftly pulled off stage. A bewildered Lohan slowly covered the tub of shaving cream, gave a shy smile and awkwardly shuffled away as an audience member yelled, “I love you, Lindsay!”

Lohan’s silly Late Night skit comes just after she drew criticism for canceling a sit-down interview with Barbara Walters. “We are disappointed that Lindsay canceled the interview,” an ABC News spokesperson told Celebuzz at the time. “And wish her well.” Then on Monday, news broke that Lohan signed on for an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

All the media hoopla comes just weeks ahead of her return to the small screen. Lohan stars as late Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming made-for-TV movie, Liz & Dick. The film will air Sunday, Nov. 25, at 9 PM ET on Lifetime.

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