'Scandal's' Bellamy Young Teases Flashback Episode 'About How We Got Into the White House' (VIDEO)

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ABC’s Scandal is going back in time to show viewers how Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldywn) or Fitz, as fans and Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) like to call him, became president of the United States.

“In the flashback episode we get to find out how and why and different little bits of back story that make everything in the present so much more resonant,” Bellamy Young who plays first lady Mellie Grant on the show told Celebuzz at the 2012 TV Guide Hot List Party.

She gushed, “I love those episodes. I'm angry and jealous in the present, so it's nice to get to be happy and in love in the past.”

Still thrilled over the recent news that the Shonda Rhimes-created Scandal was picked up for a full season, Young told us, “I’ve very, very happy to have more to do.”

So happy that she didn't mind being hard at work on election night filming the flashback episode.

“I was in the Oval Office all day,” she explained. “He [Goldwyn] was with the Constitution. That episode was very much about how we got into the White House which was, you know, scandalous!”

When we inquired for more scoop on the juicy ABC show, Young simply teased, “I know we'll see one giant flashback episode that is going to be tasty, tasty, tasty. We get to be as surprised as you are. Those writers are writers who could think of things I could never even imagine. They surprise us all.”

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10 PM on ABC.

Are you excited to see how Fitz became president? Sound off in the comments below!

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