‘Supernatural’ Recap: Heaven’s Help Comes With a Major Price

'Supernatural's' Kevin
Osric Chau dishes on his character's journey.
With a couple of characters returning and new pieces of both the backstory and the mythology being parceled out, Supernatural’s “A Little Slice of Kevin” was so chock full of goodness we’re just going to jump right in without any preamble commentary!

The CW Series expertly explored stories that seemed very separate and distinct when they began, but proved to weave together just as perfectly in the end. It all started when Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) started investigating bizarre disappearances, the latest of which was of a five year-old boy during a freak tornado. The victims were all different ages, races and from different cities, but as it would turn out, they all had one all-important thing in common: They were all potential prophets.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you didn’t watch Wednesday night’s “A Little Slice of Kevin.”

Crowley (Mark Sheppard) snatched up the next generation of prophets, because he was still unable to find Kevin (Osric Chau), who was hiding out with Mama Tran (Lauren Tom). But the thing was, he couldn’t “activate” any of their powers until Kevin was dead, for only one prophet could exist at a time. We’re not quite sure what happened to make Kevin the prophet since Chuck was the last one we saw before him. But last we saw, he also snapped himself out as if he was God. As it turned out anyway, Crowley didn’t like any of these potentials and decided just to play harder ball to find Kevin instead.

In order to do so, Crowley used a wannabe witch Mama Tran just happened to find on CraigsList. Not wanting to get comfortable with the hex bag, demon traps, and sigil tatoo protection, Mrs. Tran planned to use this witch to help her make a demon bomb, but
she ended up turning both Trans over to the King of Hell instead. So Crowley threated Mama Tran once again, and Kevin stepped up and took the torture upon himself. Overall, Kevin has proven himself to be a much stronger guy than we ever expected (no offense, but sheltered AP students don’t exactly scream “holds up well under interrogation”), but when Crowley cut off his finger, he immediately gave in and decoded the tablet after all.

This allowed for a major moment in the mythology of this season — and potentially a future one as well — as it turned out that there were many more tablets than anyone had anticipated, and they deal with all sorts of creatures beyond demons. In addition to closing the gates of hell, the Winchesters may have a chance to vanquish every monster they have ever encountered. The idea of ganking every awful thing Dean, Sam, and all of their loved ones have faced? They should be salivating at the thought!

Now, while all of this was going on, Castiel (Misha Collins) was wandering around top-side, keeping an eye on the brothers but keeping his distance, too — at least at first. When he finally did show himself fully, Dean was just left with questions. Seeing the final moments in Purgatory, through Dean’s eyes, was heartbreaking as we learned — and he relived — the moment when Benny (Ty Olsson) brought them to the portal, gave his soul to Dean to ride through to the other side, only for Dean’s hand to slip and lose Castiel before he could pull him through. Suddenly, Dean’s quiet nature upon returning seemed that much heavier: It came with the weight of guilt of dooming a friend. In a complete switch from what we experienced last week, Sam was sympathetic and warm towards his brother, perhaps still in a state of shock over seeing Castiel in front of him again.

Only, those memories weren’t real. Castiel revealed to Dean that he hadn’t dropped him, but he had chosen to drop down and stay in Purgatory to continue repenting.

The best way Castiel could make up for the wrongs he did, though, was to save Kevin — at least, that’s how he seemed to see it in this episode, and he broke into Crowley’s lair, released his old angel wings, and cracked the tablet in half. Kevin wasn’t entirely free — he was being sent to be babysat by Garth (DJ Qualls) — but he was much safer now than at the start of the episode, presumably only to be called upon again when absolutely necessary.

But wait, how did Castiel get out of Purgatory? “A Little Slice of Kevin” didn’t leave you wondering for too long, as Naomi (guest star Amanda Tapping) summoned Castiel to what looked like Heaven’s waiting room to learn that the angels in that part of heaven were who plucked him out. Well, so she claimed. We know angels have lied and manipulated before to get what they want, and she certainly had a huge agenda here. Castiel’s freedom, and renewed power, came with the price of being a double agent: Working with the Winchesters and reporting back to her what they did and how much progress they made. To “help” him not give anything away, he wouldn’t remember his meetings with her, so he could be free to go about life with the Winchesters as usual without them thinking anything was weird.

Exactly what she — or the other angels in her realm — want, we couldn’t guess from this quick cliffhanger. But we wouldn’t be surprised if they are as worried about the tablets as Crowley is. If there are ways to close hell and eliminate Leviathans, we have to imagine there’s something that could wipe angels away, too. Nothing is pure in the world of Supernatural — well, nothing but potentially Purgatory anyway…

Buzz Moments

OMG!: For potential prophets, the majority of the group was pretty weak. Assuming they were abducted by aliens? Come on!

Thank you, TV gods.: This episode in general was just what we needed at this pivotal third of the way through the season mark, and delivering the goods on the mythology without spilling all the beans, coupled with Sam and Dean’s relationship seemingly repaired, gave us a lot of hope for what’s about to unfold next.

Awk-ward: Dean thinking he was having visions of Castiel was one thing (Sam once did that with Jess), but Castiel actually keeping tabs on the boys — so much so that he checked in on them as they slept? A little much. Even for him.

Hotness: Castiel got his mojo back but also proved his sense of humor was back, too, even after slicing and dicing his way through Purgatory. He missed TV the way we miss TV when this show is on hell-atus.

Fab-u-lous: Super Soakers filled with holy water? Best. Weapon. Ever!

Can. Not. Wait.: Is it possible that Dean’s bond with Benny is more than just because of the experience on the Purgatory battlefield but because a little bit of Benny’s soul still lingers in Dean?

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 9

What was your favorite moment in “A Little Slice of Kevin”? Let us know in the comments below!

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