Justin Timberlake Talks Collaboration With MySpace, New Music

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Over a year after he took a minority stake in the floundering social media website MySpace, Justin Timberlake on Thursday gave reporters a sneak peek at what the updated platform will look like.

According to MTV, one of the features includes a “Top Fans” section on an artist’s page that is designed to highlight their most “influential and connected” fans.

“I can’t speak for every artist, but I can tell you that if I have X amount of followers on Twitter, I’d rather that number be smaller and know that they’re all engaging versus throwing comments all over the place that have nothing to do with anything,” Timberlake, 31, said. “Lucky for me, from what I’ve seen, it’s that type of interaction [with the ‘Top Fans’ feature].”

“I think about it as blurring the gap and how much you can discover through your fanbase and how much you can discover about yourself as an artis,” he added.

During the preview, Timberlake — who married his longtime girlfriend Jessica Biel in October, in Southern Italy — also addressed rumors about whether or not he’ll ever get back in the recording studio.

“I’m not dumb,” Timberlake, who hasn’t put out a CD since 2006’s FutureSex/LoveSounds, said. “I hear what people say. It obviously doesn’t bother me. I’m really patient. It’s not about them.”

“[My music] comes from a pure place,” he continued. “If anything, I’m honoring it in the best way that I know how, but when it’s time, I’ll be ready. I’m not less inspired, I didn’t give up, but until I have something to say, I was taught to keep my mouth shut. That’s how my mother raised me.”

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