Lindsay Lohan Wants to Stay Busy: 'Just Keep Me On-Set. It's Safer That Way' (VIDEO)

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Lindsay Lohan is determined to be happy and keep working.

“Everyday I just want to keep calling my agents and I’m like, ‘Just keep my on set, it’s safer that way,'” Lohan said.

On Friday, the actress told ABC’s Good Morning America that she’s in a great place right now. “I just want to move forward, keep working. I’m in the process of kind of moving, and spending time with my family and just be happy.”

In addition to dishing on her role on Liz & Dick, Lohan also seemed to be the last to hear about her half-sister during the interview. "I didn't even hear that, so thanks for the news," Lohan, 26, said regarding the proven 17-year-old daughter of Michael Lohan.

"I don't pay attention to any of it. I can't," she said of what's going on with her family in the tabloids. "I don't really want to get into that because I want to stay on the positive side of things."

Of her role in the film, Lohan said while it was “really nerve wracking to play someone that’s such an incredible force and a wonderful woman,” she was lucky “because I do relate to Elizabeth Taylor in a lot of ways.”

Namely, a career that started in childhood and a period of time when their respective lives got a little out of control.

So what is Lohan hoping fans will take away from her role on Liz & Dick?

“I hope my love for acting shines through and that people really see that,” she said. “I hope that they enjoy the portrayal that I did the best that I could. I hope Elizabeth’s happy watching from above."

Watch a portion of Lohan’s interview on GMA above. Liz & Dick premieres Sunday, Nov. 25 on Lifetime.

Will you be watching Liz & Dick when it premieres? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • jen

    why would you even make that comment about the lips, that just creeped me out. like why would your mind even go there.

  • Irvinegirl

    Why in God's name do people keep saying this chick is "crazy talented"? I think she's just crazy. Her acting is pedestrian at best (I could do a better job and I'm not an actress) and she acts self-conscious. Her face is puffy and her lips are bloated (the ones on her face - don't know about the other place). She looks ridiculous and sounds like her mother. Sad. Go away please.

  • pamlin

    what is going on with her face?