'Revenge' Star Nick Wechsler Contemplates Death for Jack Porter, Talks Flashback Episode (VIDEO)

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ABC's Revenge is building up to another big death, but one character you shouldn't worry about it being? Jack Porter AKA Nick Wechsler.

Though Jack has had to get into business with some shady people because of his brother's mistake, he just became a dad. So, it would just be tragic to cut him down when he was finally having a real life of his own. But even more than that, so much of the emotional center of the show, especially to Wechsler himself, is the Emily (Emily VanCamp)/Jack relationship.

When Celebuzz spoke with Wechsler at TV Guide Magazine's Hot List Party in Los Angeles, Calif., he pointed out that series creator Mike Kelley did make Josh Bowman sweat a little last season over whether or not he'd survive. But in general, he feels an actor on the show would "probably know that [their] character's arc is not a long-lasting one."

So just how safe is Jack, Wechsler, and Jack/Emily shippers' emotions, by extension?

"I don't want to sound arrogant about it, but what Jack is to Emily, makes me feel a certain amount of comfort," Wechsler said.

"It's not like [the show] requires me, but I feel like they've built up this thing where we're rooting for Jack and Emily. So, if you take Jack out of it... And he's kind of the most relatable character in this world, so I think it would be a little unfair."

But things are about to get a bit unfair -- and potentially for a lot of people in the Hamptons-- as Wechsler previewed that fans of Revengecan "expect to see some people die."

Some. Not one. But before we get to that -- which isn't revealed until episode 14 anyway -- we will get to flashback with the Hamptonites once again. This time, taking a trip down memory lane to 2006 brings a new look -- and a new revelation -- for Jack.

"I have better hair! That's good. Actually not sure if I have better hair, but I do have a hat that conceals much of it. I had a hat last time, that didn't help," Wechsler said of the episode entitled "Lineage."

"Basically we realized through the flashback, as it pertains to my character, that there's a connection to the Ryans, [it's] not such a coincidence after all. So, it raises the stakes completely. In present day, it makes it a lot more dangerous."

Revenge airs on Sunday nights at 9 PM on ABC.

Do you agree with Wechsler that you relate most to Jack? Let us know your feelings on the character, and his complicated relationships, in the comments below!

-- Danielle Turchiano

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