‘Saturday Night Live’ Recap: ‘Avengers’ Star Jeremy Renner Sings; Hawkeye is ‘Useless’ (VIDEOS)

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Jeremy Renner crooned his way through the opening monologue of Saturday Night Live this week.

The first time host, who showed off his singing chops by singing “theme songs” for movies he’s starred in, told audience members that there’s another side of him fans may not know about.

“For example, you might not know that I play a little piano, and my dream actually is to write and perform theme songs for one of my movies,” the 41-year-old said.

“I’ve actually written songs for every movie that I’ve done, however they’ve never used any of them. It’s too bad because I think they’re pretty good,” he said, before sitting down at a piano.

Renner went on to sing songs for The Avengers, Mission: Impossible and The Bourne Legacy.

“I’ve been running around / trying to take down the CIA / they won’t leave me alone / I’m not from Treadstone / need to get away / you know I’m gonna shoot somebody / you know I’m gonna shoot somebody,” Renner belted on stage, to the tune of “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon.

Adam Levine, who served as musical guest with his band Maroon 5, later appeared alongside Renner, in a sketch that paid tribute to the actor’s action movies.

“The Californians” returned with a new episode, featuring Renner in a floral shirt.

Renner also put on his Hawkeye uniform on Saturday night for a sketch on The Avengers. Appearing on stage with Jason Sudeikis as Iron Man and other heroes, Hawkeye gives up on the fight after he runs out of arrows.

“So I guess I’m done, right? I’ll be in the car,” he tells his team.

“Come on Hunger Games. What are you doing? Just pull arrows out of the aliens you shot, Katniss,” Iron Man fires back.

Maroon 5 treated audiences to their hit “One More Night” and their new single, “Daylight.”

Jamie Foxx will host the Dec. 8 episode of SNL, with music from Ne-yo.

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