‘Brave’ Story Supervisor Brian Larsen on the Battle for the Best Idea: ‘Which One Feels Right?’ (VIDEO)

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'Brave' Adventures
Celebuzz follows the filmmakers to Scotland.
Pixar’s latest film Brave featured two directors – Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews – but they were hardly the only two people who helped assemble what became one of the year’s most acclaimed animated films.

Brian Larsen, the film’s story supervisor, told Celebuzz that the collaborative process benefits from a lot of input, but it also demands a lot of discipline to shape that input into something truly special.

“All ideas are good,” Larsen said. “You just have to figure out which one feels right for that character at that moment.”

In addition to shepherding the film’s story to the screen. Larsen helped create The Legend of Mor’du, a short which explains the origins of the fearsome bear that the human characters battle.

Larsen explained that he created that film as an artistic complement to the film rather than a visually-identical companion piece.

“I wanted a style that was going to be visually separate from Brave but still felt like it was being told as a legend,” he said. “Because of the research trip, all of the paintings and drawings are so beautiful, but they’re never seen in the final product. I wanted to a short where the ‘art of…’ was the movie. I love the painterly feel that removes it from the digital world a little more.”

Brave is available on Blu-ray and DVD everywhere. Watch Celebuzz’ full interview with Larsen above, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page for an in-depth discussion with filmmakers Mark Andrews and Katherine Sarafian.

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