‘Happy Endings’ Star Damon Wayans, Jr. Reveals ‘Perfect Job’ for Brad (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

'Happy Endings' Season 3
The stars dish on Penny's accident, Jane's new job, and more!
Happy Endings’ Brad Williams is about to go job hopping.

Ever since his department at a Chicago investment firm was cut, Brad — played by Damon Wayans, Jr. — has been trying to find his footing in the world of unemployment during the ABC sitcom’s third season. Then, after Max lands a gig on the bar mitzvah circuit, he enlists Brad for Boyz II Menorah — their sweatsuit-wearing, two-man hype team that’s paid to get the party started.

“I don’t know if it necessarily suits him, but I know that he loves to dance,” Wayans told Celebuzz during Bud Light’s America Recycles Day event, which featured a goal post built out of 125,000 crushed aluminum cans. “He loves to hype people up and keep people happy.”

But in no time, Max gets green-eyed — especially when Brad steals his signature dreidel spin, topping off the move with a “real back flip,” Wayans said. “I was so amazed by myself,” he added in jest.

Luckily for Max, Brad won’t be hitting the bar mitzvah dance floors for long. “He is going to keep hopping from different kind of jobs, odd jobs,” the actor explained. “We’ll see what job he happens upon.”

And that may not mean Brad back at a 9-t0-5 desk job. “Perfect job for Brad would have to be either [working] at a gym for kids or Bed, Bath & Beyond,” Wayans said. “Either that, or like smell goods all over because he loves to smell good.”

That’s just one of the many quirks that defines Brad, whose married to Eliza Coupe’s Jane. “Every guy who’s married, you have your wife…[who] brings this whole new world to you,” said Wayans. “And a lot of men are forced to be like, ‘I’m gonna be macho, man. I don’t do that girly stuff.’ Brad, does the opposite. He gives in to all of that. He’s like, ‘Oh, look at these oils. Oh, look at that loofah.’”

“He take it and he’s OK with it,” he added. “You know why? Because he’s in love with his wife and he’s cool. He’s fine with his sexuality. He has his feminine moments, but he will toughen up. He will stick his chest out — and order a venti latte.”

Watch the interview — and learn more about how Bud Light is helping keep the Earth clean — in the video above.

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