Madonna Covers Her Entire Face With a Scarf While on Date With Brahim Zaibat (PHOTOS)

Madonna Covers Her Entire Face with a Scarf While on Date with Brahim Zaibat

Did she think the paparazzi wouldn't recognize her?

Madonna completely covered her face with a patterned scarf as she took a romantic stroll with her younger beau Brahim Zaibat on Sunday, following a luxurious meal at the Soho Beach House in Miami.

Flaunting some of her ample cleavage under her oversized sweater, Madonna didn't leave everything up to imagination.

The 54-year-old pop icon hasn't been shying away from the limelight recently, so this was certainly shocking -- although, maybe not so much, considering her history with controversy.

Named one of the "25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century" by Time magazine -- for her impact on pop culture -- Madonna is constantly reinventing her tunes and image.

During her MDNA tour's visit to New York City, the Material Girl teamed up with Korean pop star Psy, for a three-song set, riling up the crowd on Nov. 13 as she broke out into the epic dance, inspired by the YouTube sensation's “Gangnam Style."

Click through our gallery above to view more images of Madonna's interesting date night. What do you think of her public stunts? Weigh in below.

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  • steve mcelroy
    steve mcelroy

    Why do people in our culture feel so free to insult people who are older than they? Are they so ignorant and shallow that they don't realize they'll be there too? How will it feel then.....when they criticize you? I've never understood stupidity like this??? Not to mention it's cruel and unnecessary. What's the issue, are you afraid to get old and it makes you feel better to insult those that are? Show some respect, you idiot.

  • Calin

    Oh selene, selene, you are so sad!!!! Thats all!!!

  • Nic

    Has been? Better than a never been!

  • Selene King
    Selene King

    Madonna is a has been, she is 54 years old, why on earth is that young man wasting his youthful time with her? She needs to look for someone closer to her age. She is looking more haggard now than ever before. You talk about her ample cleavage? What ample cleavage? Even when she was young Madonna had average sized breasts, there was nothing AMPLE about them. You people really need to get down to some serious truths when reporting about these celebrities.