‘Start-Ups: Silicon Valley’ Star Sarah Austin Explains ‘Date-Cheating’: ‘I’m All About Transparency’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Bravo’s Start-Ups: Silicon Valley not only explores the challenges that face entrepreneurs starting their digital business, but also captures the personal lives of the area’s young geek elite.

And although we’ve already witnessed castmember, blogger and pop17.com founder Sarah Austin carry on a feud with another castmate, Hermione Way, and lifecast through a disastrous first date, she says she would rather not show her personal life on TV.

“From the beginning filming the show, I had asked the producers, ‘Oh, can we please not put dating life on it or my personal stuff. I’d like to make it all about work.’ But, then that was like an, ‘Oh, so boring’ kind of thing,” Austin, 26, tells Celebuzz.

And despite her distaste for highlighting her personal life, there’s clearly more drama to come for the new reality star. Austin went on a date with a geeky model on the last episode. And on Monday’s episode, she accuses him of “date-cheating” on her, and then throws a glass of water in his face.

“He date-cheated on me with my ex-best friend,” she explains (about his date with Hermione, no less). “Now, I’m not saying that’s an excuse. I feel bad about it. It wasn’t a classy act.”

So, what exactly is date-cheating? “It’s like if somebody’s leading you on,” Austin tells us. “You guys aren’t officially boyfriend and girlfriend, but is leading you on.”

“I’m all about transparency,” she continues. “As long as the two communicate properly between each other, it’s all fair game.”

Watch our full interview with Austin above.

Start-Ups: Silicon Valley airs Mondays at 10 PM on Bravo.

Do you think the geeky model deserved a glass of water in the face? What are your thoughts on Sarah? Tell us in the comments section below.

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