Swizz Beatz on Son Egypt Touring With Alicia Keys: ‘He Thinks He’s Part of the Group’ (VIDEO)

Nick Cannon at Halo Awards
The actor/host gushes about his kids at the TeenNick event.
Being on the road with Alicia Keys has gone straight to son Egypt’s head, according to Egypt’s father, Swizz Beatz.

“He thinks he’s part of the group,” Beatz, 34, quipped to Celebuzz at the HALO Awards on Saturday. “He’s amazing.”

Beatz welcomed Egypt with wife Keys in 2010. Given he inherited some of the best musical genes in the business, will Egypt follow in his famous parents’ footsteps and become an artist himself?

“He has so much talent, it’s all up to him,” Beatz told Celebuzz. “As long as it’s positive, I support it.”

If music doesn’t pan out, there’s always basketball.

“He can shoot 100 points,” Beatz said of his two-year-old son.

With the HALO Awards officially wrapped, Beatz went on to say he has a number of things to look forward to. On his list: spending Thanksgiving with his family.

“My plan is to digress, be with the family, have some good foods, gain like 10 pounds [and] discover some new music,” he revealed.

For more on our interview with Swizz Beatz, watch the video above.