'Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2' Twist Ending: Is It Good or Bad? (VIDEO)

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Although fans made Breaking Dawn – Part 2 an absolute success at the box office, helping it earn more than $130 million to date, not everyone was completely satisfied with how the Twilight saga wrapped up.

While critics have been divided about the series since it started, even some of its diehard fans were unhappy about the film’s controversial finale, which took things in a new and unexpected direction even as it brought the epic story to a sweeping close.

Celebuzz recruited two industry experts, Movieline Executive Editor Jen Yamato and MSN features contributor Don Kaye, to discuss that ending and debate the merits of departing from the source material as, alternately, a fan and a critic of the film.


In Breaking Dawn – Part 2, the story comes to a climax with a momentous battle in which Cullens, Volturi and werewolves alike kill and are killed. But after the fighting culminates in the death of head Volturi Aro (Michael Sheen), the camera pulls back to reveal that the entire confrontation was merely a vision of a possible future, and everyone involved is still very much alive.

As a longtime fan of both the books and the movies, Yamato insisted that it was not just a welcome change, but a necessary one as well, giving audiences a visceral experience that didn’t violate their love for all of the characters.

Kaye, on the other hand, said that he was initially excited to see the series embrace some real dramatic stakes, but was ultimately disappointed to discover that the battle was meaningless.

Watch above as Yamato and Kaye duke it out over the fate of Breaking Dawn – Part 2’s finale. Below, watch Celebuzz’ video review of the film, which now in theaters everywhere.

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  • Michelle

    The ending was interesting no doubt. Kudos to the writers for that! HOWEVER, the special effects baby face was horrible!!! Did they run out of money and the director paid his 10 year old to photo shop in the baby's face??? I cant believe they put a movie out to be seen with special effects like that. They should have just used different children at different ages and not shown their face at all or not directly. It would have been better. As it was, the scenes with the baby are so bad, she is distracting and you cant pay attention to the scene at all. I still cannot believe they left it in the movie as bad as it looks.

  • Katarakta

    the ending was diffrent that in book, but i dont care. i love it in a book and in a movie. Love this story, and I think that the director left a open door for someone who wants made another story with Cullens familly in a future, maybe story and adventures with Reneesme and Jacob....who knows? I love whole saga and I little sad that was the last chapter, but LOVE WILL BE FOREVER...OHHH sa cute

  • Donna Anderson
    Donna Anderson

    There's no dramatic pay-off in the movie because there's no dramatic pay-off in the books. That's been the complaint from Twilight NON-fans all along. The books don't even qualify as good romance novels because they're so poorly written. And the movies are even worse. At least with the books you can IMAGINE some good acting. But Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson ruin even that.