Jordin Sparks: I Want to Make a Movie With Emma Stone (EXCLUSIVE)

After making her big-screen debut opposite the late, great Whitney Houston in the summer musical Sparkle, singer-actress Jordin Sparks says she’s ready to keep working with Hollywood’s finest.

On her list of dream co-stars: Emma Stone.

“We actually did community theater together back in Phoenix when we were younger,” Sparks, 22, told Celebuzz in a recent interview. “Now that we’re both in our respective fields, I would love to do something with her. She’s so funny. Her comedic timing is impeccable. She’s an amazing actress.”

“I got to see her earlier this year, at an Essence Luncheon,” the former American Idol winner continued. “All the Oscar buzz was happening for The Help, and she had this gorgeous white dress on. I was so excited to see her there. We hugged and I was like, ‘Congratulations!’ And she said the same thing.”

“Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see her again and we can exchange information, because I’m still missing that.”

In the meantime, Sparks says she wants to continue acting in movies regardless — and she’s got the scripts to prove it.

“I’ve definitely gotten a vast array of scripts [since Sparkle],” she told Celebuzz.

“I was nervous that after Sparkle I would be pigeon-holed into just movie-musicals,” she continued. “So far, it’s been pretty wide-spread. I got a romantic comedy script that came in, I got a drama [script] that came in. There was this other one that came in the other day that was kind of like action, sci-fi amazingness. [Laughs]”

“I’m excited that there are people all over that see me not just as doing a movie-musical. Not that I don’t like those, because I love them.”

New music, she says, is also on the way.

“I’ve been working really hard on my third record,” she said. “I’m hoping that I can work through the holidays. Hopefully, by next Spring, I’ll have something new out.”

As for the present, Sparks is keeping very busy as the voice for a free new app from pain reliever Excedrin.

Called “My Migraine Triggers,” the app is designed to help migraine-prone individuals track their triggers to find out what causes them to have those pesky headaches.

“It’s essentially a migraine diary,” she said.

“Basically, what you do is, you go in. It asks you if  you’ve had a headache. You list a couple of different things — Did I have caffeine? Did I change up my diet? Did you get any sleep? Were you around a lot of buzzing sounds or noises?” She explained.

“You keep tracking, and eventually you have these graphs and charts that tell you and show you what your personal triggers are. Then you can take the preventative steps to hopefully not getting the migraine,” she said.

For more info on the App, visit Excedrin’s official website.

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