Miley Cyrus Debuts Even Shorter, Shaved Hairdo (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

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How low can she go?

Miley Cyrus on Monday showed off another new hairstyle as she left her hotel in New York City.

The singer-actress, who turns 20 on Friday, shaved the sides and back of her hair, leaving only a bit of her platinum-blonde locks at the top.

The look marks an even more drastic look than the blonde 'do she debuted back in August -- but does it look any better? Share your thoughts on Cyrus' hair in the comments, below.

Cyrus -- who is engaged to Liam Hemsworth, 22 -- was in town with her family to see her father, Billy Ray, perform in the long-running Broadway musical Chicago.

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  • Lmw931

    I use to idolise this girl. Loved her hair her clothes everything, now, no. she seems like a completely different person. She use to be so pretty, it's a real shame.

  • tia maria
    tia maria

    she might as well just shave it all off

  • tin2x

    so cuteeeeeeeeee

  • Hi Kat
    Hi Kat

    You being so focused on how ugly you think someone else looks says a lot about how you probably look..

  • sarah

    it's horrible, I wish she had long and brown hair as she did before

  • kat

    I know she won't care but seriously, she looks like a transvestite now. I never thought this was even possible but her first hair cut was way better than this. I never thought it was possible to think something was so ugly that you couldn't even look at it, but after looking at Miley now, it's possible... Wish she had long hair... :(

  • Facts

    I'm sure she doesn't care what you people think, and even with a bald head I have a feeling she'd still be waay more attractive than negative commenters.

  • MiimZ

    Man, she looks awesome, stop hating!

  • LilVal

    No! She went drastic the first time she cut it! She had long beautiful hair, now she just looks like P!nk!

  • Misty

    Are you shitting me she looks like shit! Looked so much better and so much more pretty when her hair was long and even when it was to her shoulders but now she looks like a dude. I miss the old Miley!!!!

  • just.not.right

    NO! if anything, her first cut looked better..