Miley Cyrus' Hair Evolution: See Her Many Hairstyles Through the Years (GALLERY)

Miley Cyrus made yet another bold statement Monday night in New York City when she stepped out with an even shorter, shaved hairdo on her way to see dad Billy Ray Cyrus perform in the Broadway musical Chicago.

The look was even more drastic from the blonde 'do she debuted on Twitter in August, and added yet another change to her never-ending array of 'dos.

Is this latest look a keeper for the singer-actress, who turns 20 on Friday?

Well, that's where you come in.

Have a look at Cyrus' many hair styles in the gallery, above, then share your thoughts on her latest blonde bombshell in the comments.

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  • Guest

    I don't know what it is. In reality, she is a plain-looking girl.

  • Kat Brandon
    Kat Brandon

    I don't think she ever had great hair. It had been highlighted too many times. She might have cut it to start over. At least its not an Akey Breaky Mullet like Dad used to have! Its funny how everyone is gettin so worked up over a haircut. I prefer longhair, but that's me. Milley it does look butch, in my opinion. Whatever Hannahs your Montana girl....

  • katzky

    in the second photo, she looks like a druggie after a bender. Not good. This hair cut is a thinly veiled desperate attempt to leave childhood and her father behind. pitiful.

  • Joslin

    this is beautiful.

  • kimcheee

    Career wise, cutting her hair is the best thing she ever did. She used to be doing stupid things in order to get in the gossip. (Remember when she licked the penis cake she had made for her boyfriend's birthday?) Now, she just cuts it a bit shorter and the world has a breakdown when she walks in front of a camera. It's a less stupid way to get noticed. Good job, Miley. I think you're fearless for being so crazy with your cuts - they're kind of cute in a lesbian way.