Miranda Kerr and Fellow Victoria’s Secret Angels Reveal Their Christmas Plans (VIDEO)

Kerr & Flynn Pose for 'Who'
The supermodel's son lands his first cover photoshoot.
Christmas is still about a month away, but that hasn’t stopped Miranda Kerr and her fellow Victoria’s Secret Angels from firming up their plans for the holidays.

“For me, Christmas is a really special time, because we’re together as a family,” Kerr, who is married to actor Orlando Bloom, told Celebuzz in an exclusive video interview. “I’m not working, and it’s even more special now that I have a son.”

“He’s just out there, and growing, and developing every minute,” Kerr added of her adorable 2-year-old, Flynn Bloom. “It’s just a really special time to be with him.”

Kerr, 29, adds that she’ll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen, as well, where she’ll be prepping some of her classic home-cooked meals.

“I’ll do roast vegetables — lots of greens, like kale and spinach and broccoli and whatnot,” she said. “Then, I’ll do my slow-roast chicken; I slow-roast it for at least a good eight hours with coconut oil, garlic and a little bit of turmeric.”

For more from the Angels, including where Candice Swanepoel will be spending the holidays (hint: she hasn’t been there for Christmas in three years), watch the video, above.

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