'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Alex McCord Explains the Importance of Getting Lisa and Adrienne Together (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BLOG)

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Another dramatic party on Monday’s episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And, thank the TV gods that former Big Apple castmember Alex McCord is back to give Celebuzz readers her exclusive take on the event.

After hundreds of hours of shooting on the New York installment of the franchise, McCord can read between the lines. This week, she tackles Kim Richards’ overzealous prom night. Um, we mean her daughter’s prom night.

But, that event doesn’t hold a candle to new housewife Yolanda Foster’s dinner party. And McCord weighs in on the music producer’s wife’s detailed preparations for the event. But, did “Tipsy Taylor” cause some commotion at the event on purpose?

Yolanda’s party also marked the first time Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump found themselves in the same room in months. Is their feud over Adrienne’s accusation that Lisa had sold stories to the media causing problems for producers? What does it mean for the ladies’ futures on the show?

Of course, in the real world the women could just walk away from each other. But, that’s not how reality TV works. VH1's Couples Therapy star applies her vast experience to dissecting the ramifications of Lisa and Adrienne’s continuing standoff.

Watch Alex McCord’s exclusive video blog on Episode 3 above.

What’s your take on Alex’s insights? Tell us in the comments section below.

Watch Alex's recap of the last episode of RHOBH below.

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  • Cynthia Beaumont
    Cynthia Beaumont

    I felt bad for Taylor, it's a party she wanted to sing ! That's what people do at a real party but this was just a staged one and it showed! The husband was a stuck up prick and the wife was to. I thought it was nice of the husband to speak up for her ,she was there all alone and is a widower. Now that I saw the newest episode I see what you mean about the spin off winner ! Did not see that coming! but YOU did ! looking forward to your new recap!

  • Sydney Charlotte
    Sydney Charlotte

    P.S. Adrienne is the one who owes Lisa an apology she was pretty nasty on that Reunion I am glad Lisa won't roll over :-)

  • Sydney Charlotte
    Sydney Charlotte

    Alex, Love your recaps especially because Bravo seems to think the viewers are not that quick on the uptake. You however fill in the blanks and what we viewers know is bull you validate what we see in the edited timelines and the S**t-stirring talking heads, I am not a fan of those never have been. Why I continue to watch these shows , hmm I haven't figured that out yet, in my own defense I do record them all and there is a lot I fast forward through . Traylor is Fake has been since the day the show started, plenty of timelines and hyprocritical statements from that one on line by herself and some very good online sleuths, that should have gotten her booted had Bravo not pretended to have a heart and keep on the "grieving widow" ugh. I hope she gets called out more by Brandi and Yolanda actually by all of them, that woman is vile, so yes you were Spot on calling her fake. If its not about her than she is not having it. In my opinion none of last years footage of her and Russell should have ever been shown and she should have tried to be graceful and go off , get a job and raise her daughter.Okay I'll stop there I could rant for a bit on that one. By the way never wanted you off of NY, Jill yes and the Countess should have been shown the door with your Herman Munster shoes along time ago...lol Love your recaps keep doing them !

  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord

    In reality contracts there is normally standard language about not suing whatever network your show is on -- I have never, ever seen language about fellow cast members -- the powers that be wouldn't get involved.

  • Deneen

    Good job Alex! Love the recaps! I heard Brandi on Cosmo radio saying she was threatened with a lawsuit and left it at that.

  • blueisblue

    BTW, your hair looks awesome in that video!

  • blueisblue

    Nice recap, Alex, and you raised an excellent point I hadn't considered: Lisa will win the fight because she's getting a spin-off! You are totally right about that. I almost feel sorry for Adrienne. Or would except she bugs me. Do you have a "side" in the Adrienne/Lisa matchup? I'm Team Lisa. Adrienne attacked her business, which is a low blow. There's a rumor going around that Adrienne is suing Brandi. However, I thought a Housewife's contract forbade her suing a fellow cast member. Can you comment without violating your own contract?

  • Carla Olson
    Carla Olson

    Alex I am really enjoying your video recaps. I love your inside perspective. I also like getting to hear from you on your own. Thanks so much for doing them.

  • Priscilla Wasilla
    Priscilla Wasilla

    I am soooooo glad you're recapping Beverly Hills. CeleBuzz was genius to lure you here. As always your insight is fantastic. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Personally I cannot believe David Foster agreed to be filmed for this show. But your take on what it offers him and Yolanda is interesting. Though I doubt it will, I hope it works out for them.

  • Dzenija

    Yeah Youre right Taylor did seem Fake... Very Unbelievable... Almost seemed as if she was trying to find the Next big thing to latch on to for Money, in my opinion...

  • rhaficionada

    I like that top, Alex! I think Taylor was genuinely wasted. She was slurring her words when she was talking to that Chris guy at the table. Plus there was already tension between her and David, since she is friends with his ex-wife. I think she feels a lot of anxiety being on this show since she has so much less money than most of the other cast members. That's something she and Brandi have in common and could bond over, but instead she just chooses to lash out at Brandi.

  • Jan

    Thank You for the recap!

  • Jan

    Thanks for the recap!

  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord

    Hi Liza -- we were encouraged to submit by 5pm on the day of the episode so it could load right after the first airing. To that end we got screeners a few days in advance. I would assume it's the same for the BH ladies. However, late writers never really had repercussions so some stick to the rules better than others.... ;-P

  • Liza_27

    Sometimes I hate myself for watching the Housewives shows -- then I watch Alex's recaps & all is well again. Thanks, Alex. I do have a question. When must the housewives submit their blogs to the Bravo website? I could have sworn Brandi copied verbatim a post from the TWOP forum. I do like Brandi, but it is unlikely that she would have recognized Paul and Mauricio could have donated money to Taylor's charity instead of spending the money, time, and effort to fly in a private jet for a one hour event. Cheers.