‘The Voice’ Top 10 Performance Show: 10 Things You Didn’t See on TV

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The singer longs to show a vulnerable moment.
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Blake Shelton called the Top 10 Performance show of Season 3 the best episode yet of NBC’s The Voice. And we have to admit, having sat in the audience, it is truly hard to disagree with him. Not only did the remaining contestants leave their hearts on stage, but they dazzled with polished performances, in addition to top notch vocals.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you didn’t watch Monday’s episode.

Dez Duron had all the ladies (and yes, a few of the guys) screaming for him in his white blazer, as he threw the mic stand around during “Feelin’ Good”; Trevin Hunte showed off his fun, youthful side but still a powerhouse note with “Scream”; and then there was Cody Belew, who tapped into his inner diva and took a second to showcase his dancing solo from his song with “Crazy In Love.”

What else did Celebuzz spy in the studio audience of The Voice, live from Universal Studios in Los Angeles, Calif.? Here are 10 things you didn’t see on TV:

1. The Blake Shelton/Christina Aguilera duet that opened the show was pre-taped, allowing the singers to strive for perfection. After a false start, Shelton and Aguilera ran through their opening number a full time for the live studio audience. But as host Carson Daly was throwing to commercial, Shelton whispered to Aguilera that he thought they should try it again. Aguilera agreed, but the duo actually tackled their duet almost two more full times for the crowd, who got a little taste of what music rehearsal must look like. The second time was cut abruptly when Aguilera admitted to messing up the words mid-verse, but the third time proved to be the charm, and that’s what made it on air.

2. As the sound engineers fussed with Shelton and Aguilera’s duet mics, the two carried on a conversation on opposite sides of the soundstage. They bantered about fellow coach Adam Levinenot watching them perform and then about the lower register for this rendition of the song. But, the highlight had to be when Aguilera joked that she and Shelton should have their own reality type talk show, and he quipped back, “Yeah– on Cinemax!”

3. Coaches CeeLo Green and Aguilera prefer to take in the show barefoot. Green started off the night by jogging out on stage to wave to the fans before taking his seat in the comfy big red chair. He matched the decor in his red velour track suit that personally reminded us of the Wayanses on ABC’s Happy Endings – but we digress. He was barefoot from the start of the show, while Aguilera kicked off her sparkly stilettos after her performance. Perhaps it was just for convenience, as she could more easily run backstage in commercial breaks this way (and that she did twice during the two hour performance show).

4. Amanda Brown wins Miss Congeniality out of the contestants. While all of the contestants waved at the fans from the stage and slapped hands with them on their way out of the studio, it was Brown who was most attentive towards the crew. Standing on stage awaiting the start of the show, she expressed a bit of a love fest with Green’s make-up artist, mouthing her love for her new friend from afar.

5. Daly has fun at the coaches’ expense. Daly is not only a host on this show, but also a producer. He has arguably the most pressure-filled job, since he has to keep the show on time, worry about the live cues and set the overall tone. Yet, he had no problem having fun at the coaches expense — even lovingly flipping them off just before the red light came on for him to introduce the Guys With Kidscast, who were in the audience.

6. Shelton is not only a fan favorite, but the best sport. Quite a few times in the commercial break, various people in the audience would be asked who their favorite coach was. Overwhelmingly on Monday night, the answer was Shelton. And each time he heard his name, he perked up, stood up and addressed the person with an “I love you, too.” He even signed a homemade poster that one young fan made for him. And in case you were wondering, he was the only coach to get up and introduce himself to the Guys With Kids cast, as well.

7. Green keeps a handheld, battery-operated fan in his cup holder. However, he did not use it once throughout the taping, instead getting fanned in the breaks by one of the make-up artists with a giant paper fan.

8. Aguilera only went over her allotted time once! Anyone who has ever attended a non-live show taping (such as the Battle Rounds) knows that when Ms. Aguilera gives her critique, she does so with a lot of thought and little regard for length or time. Live shows, though, keep each judge to a specified time (50 seconds for the coach whose contestant just performed and 20-30 for the others). Though last week we told you they all had trouble keeping to that, they must have gotten a talking to because on Monday night even Aguilera kept on perfect time. Mostly.

9. Duron’s performance focused on his vocals, but he warmed up physically nonetheless. In order to get in the zone for his big band, Michael Buble-inspired number, Duron rolled up his sleeves and ran in place for a few seconds as his clip package rolled. The girls in the audience didn’t know where to look — at the screens or at him, caught candid for a moment on stage.

10. Nicholas David palled around with his choir. Running on-stage, David didn’t head straight to the center spotlight, but rather took the time to say a proper hello to his choir director and backing vocalists. Even after he sat down at his piano and got in his zone, his pre-show ritual seemed to be to acknowledge each and every single person sharing the stage with him, and there was just something so very refreshing and sweet about that!

Who was your favorite performer of the night on The Voice? Sound off in the comments below!

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