‘The Voice’s’ Dez Duron on Going With the Crooner Vibe: ‘It Was a Big Risk’ (Q&A)

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The former Yale athlete commands the stage just as well as he must have the football field back during his collegiate days. But Duron is not just a boy band wonder, only able to hit on a very specific register. Already on Season 3 of NBC’s The Voice, he has showed off impressive range, channeling a number of his inspirations from R&B greats to more jazzy crooners. And Duron isn’t ready to stop there.

Celebuzz spoke with Duron after The Voice’s Top 10 show to chat about his risky genre jump and what’s to come for him outside of this singing competition.

Celebuzz: Choosing “Feelin’ Good” for your Top 10 performance number was a big change for you. What made you decide this was the right time in the competition to take such a risk?
Dez Duron: It was a big risk! [My coach] Christina [Aguilera] knew that I could do this genre, because in some random way she heard I had sang a few Sinatra songs for a producer. He played [the tracks] for her, so she knew I could do that. And I think last week when Adam made the comments he made, and all the coaches made the comments about the whole “crooner vibe,” if you will, she was like, “We need a song that just focuses on your voice and just lets people see you can sing.” And so when I heard she picked that song, honestly, my heart kind of jumped in a good and bad way. It would be a dream come true to sing the song, but it was scary because it’s a big song.

CB: Do you consider this the first performance really indicative of the style of original music you want to put out?
DD: I want to do pop with a hint of soul, so I don’t think this was too far off, but I don’t want to do solely that genre. I want it to be an influence, not to define me necessarily.

CB: Still, it seemed like there was an extra personal attachment here.
DD: This genre has a huge place in my heart, so I’m glad I got to do that with the horns — real horns — the upright bass; the band just killed it.

CB: If clearance wasn’t an issue, what would your dream performance on the show be?
DD: I love “Try a Little Tenderness.” That would be an amazing song — or Adele’s new song “Skyfall,” if I wanted something more contemporary. Maybe a little [Jason] Mraz. We’ll see. Who knows what Christina and I will cook up!

CB: You mentioned on the show that Michael Buble was an influence on you. Do you have the desire to package yourself like he has and dabble in both singing and acting?
DD: Right now, I think singing is going to be my base, but I’m not going to limit myself. It would definitely be fun to act, but music’s my first love. So, I definitely want to establish myself there first. But you know, nowadays, anything helps! I think with everything kind of getting mixed in, everything helps, so if I get a chance, I’m going to do a little of everything — anything that comes my way, I’m definitely going to check it out and see what works.

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 PM on NBC.

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