'Twilight's' Bright Future: 5 Ways Summit Can Keep the Franchise Alive (GALLERY)

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Even though the final Twilight film has arrived, that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of Bella and Edward.

With Breaking Dawn -- Part 2 grossing $341 million in its worldwide debut, it’s only a matter of time before Summit finds a way to continue their billion-dollar franchise.

But what form will it take - A new film series? A TV spin-off? Both? Celebuzz weighs in...

The world of Twilight has plenty of characters and drama to mine for another series of films or television show.

The trick is knowing which characters are worth hinging the franchise's future on. Here are 5 possible story directions - in both the TV and film space - that Celebuzz would like to see Twilight take on.

Check out Celebuzz' review of Twilight: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2 and watch below our spoiler-heavy discussion of the film's twist ending!

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  • neha

    they should focus on jacob n renesmee love story .. makers if you r listen n reading this.. plz do consider this . as we all r dying to see that .. now time to focus on jacob . m sure u can earn lot more u have earn with previous series..

  • neha

    yes i do agreed with this comment that makers should think of this part n if this think happen its gonna blow off screens for sure .. a series of jacob black as same star cast with tayolr lauthner woowww man great .

  • WB

    Just let the franchise die. It's pointless and a waste of trees and energy anyways. Stephenie Meyer bastardized the whole idea of reading with Twilight. Worthless, pointless, just a total piece of rot.

  • lauren murphy
    lauren murphy

    aww shes so cute