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Goodbye Pierce!
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This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to those who have been following the many reports of Chevy Chase’s displeasure with his role on NBC’s Community.

A Sony Television spokesperson and Chase’s rep confirms to Celebuzz that Chase, 69, will be leaving the NBC sitcom – effective immediately – as first reported by Deadline.

The site’s sources say that the Caddyshack actor, who has played Pierce Hawthorne since Season 1, and the show’s producers came to a mutual agreement to part ways.

The actor hasn’t been shy about his discontent with the role and the show, telling reporters (including this one) at a set visit last season that he didn’t see a future for the character.

In April, Celebuzz exclusively released an audio recording in which Chase told then showrunner Dan Harmon, “It’s just a f*cking mediocre sitcom! I want people to laugh and this isn’t funny.”

An angry Chase then added, “It ain’t funny to me because I’m 67-years-old and I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ve been making a lot of people laugh — a lot better than this.”

That recording emerged after Harmon played a voicemail for audiences during his stand-up show in Los Angeles while making fun of the actor. He later apologized.

In May, NBC and Sony Pictures Television decided to replace Harmon as showrunner.

Renewed for a fourth season, NBC recently pushed back its October return date to Feb. 7, 2013.

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