Courtney Stodden’s Mom Denies She’s in Love with Daughter’s Husband (EXCLUSIVE)

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In terms of bizarre, this one takes the cake.

The mother of Couples Therapy star, teen bride Courtney Stodden, has been forced to publicly deny that she is romantically linked to her controversial son-in-law, 52-year-old actor Doug Hutchison.

“I want to put the rumors to rest… I’m not in love with my daughter’s husband,” Krista Keller Stodden told Celebuzz, responding to reports that she has been “making moves” on Hutchison, who has starred in The Green Mile and The X Factor.

The romance rumors were prompted after the “momager” made a cameo on VH1’s Couples Therapy.

On the show, she sat down with Dr. Jenn Berman and was quizzed about her daughter’s controversial 2011 nuptials.

Berman hinted the reality mom star — who has recently separated from her husband — wouldn’t mind having a man like Hutchison for herself.

“He’s got a lot of qualities, I’m not gonna lie to you,” Krista said on the popular cable show.

“Any woman would love the qualities that man has. He is a fabulous man.”

Confronted with the scuttlebutt, Krista is now firing back, even revealing the man whom she calls the “love of her life” — her own new boyfriend — and she has provided Celebuzz a photo to prove it.

“The assumption that I’m in love with my daughter’s husband couldn’t be farther from the truth,” she said.

“I’m with a very special man who I plan to spend the rest of my life with. His name is Reggie Salazar,” Krista added of her beau, who she said is a 54-year-old entrepreneur.

“We’ve been dating for over half a year. He’s very supportive and loving of Courtney. He’s a great man and we’re very happy. He’s the love of my life and a blessing.”

Krista added that she is in the final stages of finalizing her divorce from Courtney’s father, Alex Stodden.

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