Miley Cyrus Probably Won’t Grow Her Hair Out Anytime Soon: ‘I Could Never See Myself With Long, Long Hair Again’ (VIDEO)

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It was the snip heard all around the world.

When Miley Cyrus chopped off her long locks in favor for a bleach blond pixie cut, the former Disney darling unleashed her inner punk rocker, proving once and for all, Cyrus can’t be tamed. However, the 18-year-old had actually been planning the drastic new look for years.

“I’ve wanted to cut my hair forever,” Cyrus told Australia’s Daily Telegraph. “About six years ago, we did an episode where they made my hair look like Twiggy, and ever since I saw that, I’ve wanted to do it. But it was just getting the guts to take a razor and know that your hair doesn’t grow back overnight.”

“It’s not the cutting it that scares you,” she added. “It’s the growing it out. But it’s so worth it. I could never see myself with long, long hair again. It was so much maintenance. This is so easy! It’s so nice.”

Cyrus is currently recording her new album, which is being produced by hitmaker Dr. Luke. Pharrell Williams recently shared a photo of him with Cyrus and rapper Tyler the Creator in the studio.

The former Hannah Montana star told the Australian paper she doesn’t want “to be known for what I was, but something I’m becoming.” She’s focused on releasing an album that not only her fans will love but also one she can be proud of recording.

“What I love is music and comedy, and if I could try to do both of those, that would be kind of amazing for me,” she said. Cyrus most recently guest starred on CBS’ Two and a Half Men.

When she’s not busy in the studio, on set or shaving off more of her hair, the recently engaged actress likes to spend time with fiance Liam Hemsworth on Phillip Island, a small Australian island where the actor grew up.

“It remind me of home but by the water,” said Cyrus. “It’s across the world, but it doesn’t feel like it when you’re there.”

But when it comes to her favorite activity, Cyrus doesn’t like to stray too far from the couch. “I’m a complete hermit,” she said. “I just stay in my house and play with my dogs all day.”

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