‘The Voice’s’ Blake Shelton Talks Finding Terry McDermott a ‘Breakout Moment’ (VIDEO)

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The Voice’s Blake Shelton is sitting pretty (comfortable) after Tuesday’s episode. Not only were both of his contestants still in the competition after the Top 10 results were read live from Los Angeles, Calif., but one of his contestants actually climbed to No. 1 on the iTunes chart — and with a cover of the coach’s most personal song to date.

But having this kind of success still so early on in the competition might just make the pressure on Shelton as a coach even stronger than simply being the reigning champion.

“It’s hard!” Shelton told Celebuzz on the red carpet after the NBC show’s eliminations on Tuesday.

“It could be easy if you didn’t care. I don’t see how anybody could not be emotionally invested and wrapped up and attached to their artist at this point. And I really am,” he continued. “I do feel that kind of pressure– especially with Cassadee now! It’s like ‘Oh my gosh, how do we do that again!?'”

Shelton doesn’t have a specific, clear plan for how to pull out such powerful, emotional, and memorable numbers every Monday during the live performance shows, but he knows it is his job to make sure that one, America doesn’t forget about that moment, even when Cassadee Pope is delivering something new to show off a whole other side to her. But two, Shelton also knows he has to turn his attention on Terry McDermott, too.

“Terry’s been one of those people that since Day 1, he just gets out there and delivers a solid performance every time,” Shelton said. “He’s just that workhorse, you know? And now we’ve got to figure out a way for him to have that breakout moment like Cassadee had!”

The question on most Shelton fans’ minds, then, is whether or not he will lend any of his other tracks to allow for such a similar moment.

“Could be,” Shelton said. “It’s hard to say what it will be, but if we feel like it could get Terry there, and it’s the right thing to do, then I’m not too proud. As cheesy as it may be, we’ll do whatever he wants to do because if it’s right, it’s right.”

Watch our full chat with Shelton above.

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 PM on NBC.

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