‘The Voice’s’ Bryan Keith Calls the NBC Show ‘A Dream Come True’ (VIDEO)

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Bryan Keith may not get the chance to walk away with the title of The Voice, but his time on the show allowed him to leave with something just as important to him: integrity. The one thing Keith is happiest about regarding his time on NBC’s The Voice is that he managed to stay true to himself and his true taste in music throughout. Even if he wishes he could have continued on in the competition, he is content knowing he went out with a performance that really speaks to who he is as an artist and the kinds of music he will deliver in the future.

“I could have went out another way. I could have been more aggressive and come out with something that was really flashy and huge, but that’s not who I am, and I’m really happy and honored that I sang Billy Joel and that it was my last hurrah, so to speak,” Keith said to Celebuzz when we spoke with him post-elimination on the red carpet of The Voice in Los Angeles, Calif.

“The Amy Winehouse, the Bryan Adams, and the Billy Joel. That’s who I am– and pieces of Sublime. These are all my influences; these are all songs that run through my veins. To be able to sing them on this show was a dream come true.”

Coming from such a focused musical background, Keith already has a plan in mind for his future post-The Voice.

“I want people to kind of recognize me as a solo artist,” he said. “I would have a backing band with me. I want a real intimate thing. I want to get close to people with a big performance and big band musicians. I’m all about that. I want people to feel the thump of the bass drum right in front of their faces. I want to be close to them; I want to be able to look into people’s eyes.”

When it comes to his first album, Keith is looking to pull influences from all of his favorite artists — past and present — including Queen and the aforementioned Joel. However, he is also looking to new friends, including some he met as fellow contestants and competitors on The Voice as inspiration. And how about a collaboration or two? Maybe even with his coach Adam Levine?

“[There] was a brief moment for him to kind of just reassure me… that I am very talented and special; I am unique, and that he wishes I could have stayed,” Keith said when we asked what the final discussion with Levine was on Tuesday night. “I do, too, but I’ll be all right, and he knows I’ll be all right.”

Walking away from The Voice, Keith felt like the biggest lesson he would be taking away from his experience on the show was one of being able to find success.

“I think to make it to the Top 10 was a really big goal for me, and I made it; I feel accomplished; I feel great about it. I can go and be recognized for who I am. Since day one people saw and connected with me, and I just want to continue to do that,” he said.

Watch our full video chat with Keith above.

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 PM on NBC.

If you could cook up a dream first single from Keith, what would it be? Leave us your music hopes and dreams in the comments below!

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