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The Top 10 performers on FOX’s The X Factor gave thanks on Wednesday’s episode. Not only are the performers happy to have gotten this far, but also each performed a song dedicated to someone they are thankful for.

Khloe Kardashian Odom’s family was in the audience, including Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Kanye West. The show didn’t waste any time before jumping right in to the first performance.

Tate Stevens: No. 1 ranked for two weeks straight, the competition’s lone country singer dedicated his song to his father – “I’m Already There” by Lonestar. Judge Britney Spears gives L.A. Reid props for the direction he’s bringing Tate in. But, Demi Lovato said it wasn’t her favorite performance and Simon Cowell pointed out that his voice broke a bit. Not much of a country fan myself, this song didn’t resonate with me. I think Tate is at his most entertaining when he’s re-interpreting a pop or soul song in a country style — at least during this competition.

Diamond White: In the dubious rank of No. 7 – a fall of three spots from the week before – Diamond dedicates her song to her mother for all the sacrifices she has given her. With her take on Celine Dion’s “Because You Love Me,” she sent her mother (and it looked like mentor Britney was almost there) into tears. Diamond took her voice all kinds of places during that performance. L.A. told her that she has never had a moment like that on the show yet. Demi broke down, telling Diamond that the song means a lot to her and her family. Simon calls her fearless and believable. I think there’s an amazing amount of people in the press who are critical of Diamond, but I’m all in.

Emblem3: The boys dedicate their song, “Secrets” by OneRepublic, to their youth leaders. L.A. felt the performance lacked emotion. But, Britney and Demi disagreed. There’s something about Emblem3 where they’re allowed a certain amount of freedom from the technical side of singing. There were a few wonky notes in this performance, but who cares?

Arin Ray: The 17-year-old dedicates his song, Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero,” to his older brother. L.A. felt the song was “too big” for him. Demi told him that if she were from a record company, she wouldn’t sign him after that performance. Ouch. In response, Arin said that he wants to do “me,” which he defined as upbeat songs. Britney agreed and I do too. There was a point during his performance where I could see that he wasn’t quite reaching in deep enough for this song.

CeCe Frey: CeCe dedicated her song, Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings,” to her late sister who suffered from cerebral palsy. She gets off to a shaky start and never really got her sea legs in my opinion. The judges seemed to have been moved by the performance, though. And, maybe, she sounded differently in the studio, but I felt she threw away that ending. Am I alone on that?

Fifth Harmony: They dedicated their performance of Pretenders’ “I’ll Stand By You” to God… L.A. and Britney cheered the girls on while Demi thought the song choice was off. I don’t really have a problem with their song. It’s not their best performance, but I don’t think it’ll send them home.

Beatrice Miller: The rock and rollin’ teen sang “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol for her younger adopted twin sisters from Vietnam. L.A. was happy with her performance, but Demi felt it wasn’t pushing her forward. Luckily for Beatrice, Simon felt the singer genuinely felt connected to the song and was OK with moments where she may have started choking up.

Vino Alan: Dedicated to American troops, Vino really went for a soaring rendition of “I’m Proud To Be An American.” Britney calls the performance “amazing” and Demi says she finally gets what the viewing audience sees – that’s slightly worrisome. Simon predicts he’ll hit No. 1 this week. I think it was a smart move on his part and might just carve into Tate’s lead.

Paige Thomas: The singer dedicates her song, Britney’s “Every Time,” to the woman who took her in after her mother died. Britney took the first stab at commenting on Paige’s take on her song. The verdict: She thought it was beautiful. But, Simon and L.A. weren’t so convinced. I think it registered a lot better on TV as I was certainly moved by it and I have a feeling a lot of people were.

Carly Rose Sonenclar: The singer tackles “Over The Rainbow,” which she dedicates to her older brother. Carly doesn’t disappoint, of course. She’s a robot when it comes to singing. And that can be problematic in my opinion. I’m clearly the only one who feels that way. She earns a standing ovation from the judges. L.A. calls her a “force of nature.” Demi thinks she’ll be around for a while. Simon, who has heard that song a lot, says that’s one of the best versions he has ever heard. He then changes his mind about Vino and says that Carly will take the top spot this week.

Watch Vino’s Top 10 performance again above.

Two performers go home on The X Factor’s Thanksgiving Thursday elimination show airing at 8 PM on FOX. Plus, Cher Lloyd performs.

There you go, America, who earned your votes? Tell us in the comments section below.

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