Courtney Stodden to Shoot 'Epic,' 'Electrifying' Music Video (EXCLUSIVE PHOTO)


If you haven't seen enough of infamous teen bride Courtney Stodden, rest assured: you're about to see a whole lot more.

“I am very excited about making my music video and turning my single ‘Reality’ into a sensual actuality,” Stodden gushed in a new press release.

And "sensual" is apparently just one way to describe it.

“Fans can expect to view original iconic imagery, which captures the essence of Courtney Stodden’s electrifying sexuality, amazing life and epic personality,” explained Michael Serrato, director the video.

Serrato is known for his work on How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris' "Neil’s Puppet Dreams"; “Reality” is  a compilation of club remixes from the KlubJumpers and DJ Drew G’s Dirty Pop.

The platinum blond 18-year-old has been amping up her music career as of late, albeit not without a few bumps along the way: her Nov. 21 gig at West Hollywood hot spot The Abbey was canceled amid conflicting reports. A rep for the bar told Eonline, "Her management approached the Abbey but ultimately, she just wasn't a fit."

Stodden's mother Krista Keller, meanwhile, said, "It was too much for the Abbey to handle, too much press and controversy."

Not to fret. The starlet -- who's married to 52-year-old actor Doug Hutchinson -- has planned another live performance to coincide with her "Reality" video premiere in early January 2013.

To prep, you can listen to "Reality" on iTunes.

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  • Sexy and I know it
    Sexy and I know it

    I'm hot and a model and I can't stand Courtney. What do I have to be jealous of? Oh wait, nothing haha. She's just an idiot who dropped outta high school because it was too hard.

  • Melissa Twizzler
    Melissa Twizzler

    Lana Kane, you are wrong about Straz and Serrato. They are both very relevant and have strong careers. Seems someone smacked you with the jaded jealousy stick. Face it girl, Courtney is going places and keeps getting more and more attention. You are the one who is laughable. The Stoddy Hotties are taking control!

  • Oh Please
    Oh Please

    Is this guy honestly so low and desperate that he is willing to throw away his career for this gig? If he hires her then he can kiss his career goodbye. That club was smart enough to drop her when they found out about her; maybe he will too.

  • Lana Kane
    Lana Kane

    Misty I beat you to this!!!!..are you going to be in the video?? Creeping in the bushes of her apartment??? Epic music video my A$$. It's gonna be pure porn and low budget like all the other DListers she's associated with. Her 'manager' the STRAZ is low this YOUTUBE director?? LMAO!! L - M - A - O !!!