Gabriel Aubry Arrested After Fight at Halle Berry's Home with Olivier Martinez (REPORT)

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Gabriel Aubry, ex-boyfriend of Halle Berry and father to her daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry, was arrested Thursday following a confrontation with Olivier Martinez at Berry’s home in Los Angeles.

Authorities took Aubry into custody after a fight broke out between the men while he dropped off Nahla at Berry’s house, according to TMZ.

Berry was present, as were other witnesses, when the fight broke out.

According to eyewitness reports, the conflict started after Martinez, Berry’s current companion, approached Aubry and said, “We have to move on.”

Aubry then attempted to strike Martinez, who deflected the blow and eventually wrestled him to the ground, making a citizens arrest for battery as the police were called.

Subsequently, a judge issued an “emergency protective order” requiring Aubrey to keep 100 yards away from Berry, Martinez and Berry’s daughter Nahla, per TMZ’s report.

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  • sn

    Halle needs to put the needs of your daughter first. Because she is a mother now. It's not about her or her needs right now. It;s about her daughter.

  • ELH

    If you want to get away from the paparazzi you do not move to France. The French have the most intrusive paps in the world. They are absolutely relentless. She could easily live in Cali and not get photographed as much as she does. Other stars who really value their privacy (as opposed to just pretending to as a means to an end) manage it.

  • MW

    His "illness" and instability are well-documented? Where? You have not followed this story very carefully if you actually believe what you have written. I would really surprised if this wasn't a set-up. And only Halle's people were present to tell the police what supposedly happened. I wondered what would happen next, and feared for GA's safety, after she lost the move to Paris bid, and now we see.

  • Blossom

    I question most of what's been reported about Aubrey, something I'd do in any he said/she said situation where one party is much better known, has way more money and can afford better lawyers & publicists to plant biased information - and I like Berry AND Martinez. Still I get the feeling a smear campaign is being waged by Berry's camp AND Martinez was not extending an olive branch and should have kept his mouth shut. How many of us once dated someone who gave us a sob story about their ex only to find out later (usually the hard way), the ex wasn't the one with the problem?

  • showfaroff

    Gabriel is unstable & his history of “illness” is well documented. He's brawls with paps, called Halle n*gger, & kicked the nanny. He chooses not to work to get $ from Halle. He “wins” his case to keep Nahla in CA, despite clear logic for her to move away from the paps (which poses no interference with his relationship with her; he would live on Halle’s dime, speaks French & as a model can work from anywhere). He goes to Halle's & his reaction to an olive branch is a brawl, in front of Nahla, on Thanksgiving? His emotional damage runs deep. Perhaps his background is relevant. Halle may have relationship issues but works on solutions by not staying in bad ones. Is Gabriel the saint -martyr, nope. This is the crack in the armor that people will start to see. The doting father is an act & Nahla is his prop. Has he cared for anything in the past? Relationships? A pet? A plant? It’s easy to blame Halle because she is famous, but the real story is Gabriel’s “dark passenger”

  • Kay

    wow how convenient for halle berry