Happy 28th Birthday, Scarlett Johansson: 28 Reasons to Celebrate Her Style (GALLERY)

Happy birthday, Scarlett Johansson!

This Thanksgiving is a big one for the Hitchcock star, who will be having birthday cake along with her turkey and stuffing. Not only is Scar Jo celebrating her new film with co-star Jessica Biel, but she’s celebrating her 28th birthday today, too.

So as you count down until your own Thanksgiving feast, we’re bringing you a fashion feast in honor of the birthday girl, complete with 28 reasons to celebrate Scar Jo’s style today, too.

Johansson has had her share of fashion misses — recall the real-deal mullet she sported back in the day — but over the past few years, she has developed a sexy yet sophisticated style that makes it hard to believe she was the same girl who rocked the hairdo don’t.

The birthday girl’s recent sartorial success is largely due to her knack for finding styles that flatter her hourglass figure without shrinking her petite frame. Having learned what works (and what doesn’t work) on her curvy frame, the 28-year-old favors streamlined silhouettes and simple designs over frilly and frou frou fashions for the red carpet.

To flatter her curves, Johansson alternates between ladylike looks and sexy styles. The star sticks with what works, favoring curve-hugging mermaid silhouettes and sheaths, or waist-accentuating A-line styles.

And over the last year, the actress has had plenty of opportunities to show off her signature silhouettes, from promoting the box-office blockbuster The Avengers to making the rounds this past week for Hitchcock.

Since sharing your birthday with a major holiday kind of sucks (food comas aren’t conducive to remembering birthday shout outs), we thought we’d give you 28 stylish reasons to celebrate Scar Jo’s big day as you dig in and give thanks.

Check out our fashionable feast of Scar Jo’s best looks ever. Then share which of the birthday girl’s outfits you’re most thankful for.


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