‘Modern Family’ Star Ariel Winter’s Mother ‘Ready to Start Counseling,’ Says Source (EXCLUSIVE)

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Ariel Winterâ??s mother claims inappropriate relationship sparked court claim.
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After a very public family feud that has played out in court, the mother of Modern Family actress Ariel Winter wants those closest to her to start the healing process.

Chrystal Workman hopes to put their family drama behind them with the help of professional therapists, a source close to the family told Celebuzz.

“After trial [Nov. 20], Chrystal said she was very happy and hopeful and ready to start counseling with Ariel,” said the source.

As previously reported by Celebuzz, a Los Angeles judge ruled Tuesday that the 14-year-old will remain in the custody of her older sister Shanelle Gray, stemming from allegations filed by Winter Oct. 3 that her mother inflicted “ongoing physical abuse (slapping, hitting, pushing) and emotional abuse (vile name-calling, personal insults about minor and minor’s weight, attempts to ‘sexualize’ minor, deprivation of food, etc.) for an extended period of time.”

Despite the decision by the court to keep Winter in the care of her sister, Chrystal wants her teenage daughter to know this legal battle can be all but forgotten in her eyes.

“The first thing Chrystal is going to do when she gets into counseling is tell Ariel that none of this matters and there are no ramifications of this whole ordeal,” added the source. “She just wants them to wipe the slate clean and move forward as a family. “

Though Winter’s parents are separated, her father Glenn Workman’s attorney recommended at Tuesday’s hearing that he move back into their family home and his estranged wife could move out, which the judge turned down.

Winter’s mom has denied the allegations against her, filing court papers Oct. 6 claiming that “she walked in the guest bedroom of her home and found her daughter, Ariel Winter Workman, in bed with boyfriend, [Name Redacted].” As Celebuzz exclusively reported, Chrystal alleges the real reason her daughter went to court is because she attempted to break-up her daughter and her older boyfriend.

In a statement obtained by Celebuzz Tuesday, Winter’s parents expressed their family’s hopes for the future:  “We want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. We feel that today was a small victory for our family. We are one step closer to reuniting with our daughter and we were both in court today to let her know we love her and will always be there for her.

“Even the judge today agreed that reunification is so important for a family and while Ariel is still temporarily with her sister for now, we remain hopeful that she will be home soon,” they added in the statement.

Permanent guardianship of Winter will be determined at a future trial.

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