TruTV's 'Killer Karaoke' Host Steve-O Admits, 'I Would Hate to Be a Contestant' (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Jackass star Steve-O is feeling good these days. And he’s now spreading the joy of doing the grossest, most awe-inspiring stunts on his new gig hosting TruTV’s game show, Killer Karaoke.

“People sing karaoke while horrible things happen to them,” Steve-O describes the show when he visited Celebuzz’s Hollywood studio this week.

“It’s an exercise in exploring people who are willing to sacrifice their dignity and wellbeing to be on television,” the stunt performer and comedian further describes the show based on Britain’s Sing if You Can.

What kinds of “horrible things” does the game show subject its contestants to in order to win a possible $10,000 in cash?

“Snake pit’s a good one,” Steve-O, 38, suggests. “We have dog attacks, we’ve got waxing, this ridiculous cactus maze where people have to go through and they just get totally tortured. It’s all pretty horrible. I would hate to be a contestant on the show. I would, I really would.”

He also talks about his relationship to former girlfriend, Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis, and his comedy tour. Watch our full interview with Steve-O above.

Killer Karaoke premieres Friday at 9 PM on TruTV.

Would step into the Killer Karaoke ring? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • Bobby Kling Robert A Kling
    Bobby Kling Robert A Kling

    I really love your new show Steve-O! & you are a great guy, words cannot express how much joy, laughter, & happiness you have brought to myself & especially my mother "Judy" she is without a doubt your # 1 fan in Chicago! SHIT! Maybe in THE whole world. I, ,,,, "WE" Wish you the best in all you do, and thank you for all the gut busting laughter you bring us. Your friends, Bob,& Judy Kling