Katherine Heigl Turns 34 Today: See Her Best Red Carpet Looks So Far (GALLERY)

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Happy birthday, Katherine Heigl!

After a big year that included a new addition to her family, the former Gray’s Anatomy actress turns 34 today. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up 11 of her best red carpet looks over the years, from awards shows to movie premieres.

Just as Heigl rejected the “America’s Sweetheart” box she was initially put in, the star refuses to let her style get boxed into any single category. Whether she’s going sexy or glam, romantic or retro, the mom-of-two tries something new every time she hits the red carpet.

And while Heigl’s eye for fashion has evolved over the years, she does tend to gravitate toward certain signature elements. Playing up her curvy figure, she veers toward classic silhouettes that flatter her shape rather than hide it.

Despite the fact that she may repeat a color (red) or designer (Escada), the outspoken actress still manages to make nearly all of her red carpet looks feel fresh.

While she’s certainly had more than a few fashion missteps (and one unfortunate occasion of a disastrously dark fake tan), we admire the Knocked Up star for taking style risks: She never shies away from bright colors, bold cuts, and the occasional funky accessory.

Click through our favorite red carpet fashion of hers in our gallery; then tell us your top pick in the comments.

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Written by Natasha Burton