‘Revenge’ Flashback Episode Preview: 5 Things to Expect From ‘Lineage’ (PHOTOS)

'Revenge': All About Mason
The Initiative makes a house call.
Need a little something else to give thanks for this holiday weekend? How about that Revenge is back with an all-new episode?

And if that isn’t enough, maybe seeing how the Graysons can’t even cut each other some slack over Thanksgiving will allow you to give your own annoying or overbearing family the benefit of the doubt!

On the next episode of Revenge’s sophomore season, “Lineage,” we flash back to 2006 when Daniel (Josh Bowman) was just coming home from college, Emily (Emily VanCamp) was just meeting Aiden (Barry Sloane) and beginning her training, Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) was involved in a very different kind of nightlife, and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) had her own evil mother to worry about.

Here are a couple of additional Revenge tidbits to anticipate on “Lineage.”

1. Nolcorp hits the big-time, for the first time. Though we all know Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) as a debonair man of means now, 2006 was when he really slipped into that lifestyle. That’s the year when Nolcorp went public and Nolan could really make his father proud — even if he didn’t realize he was doing so at the time. We’ve seen Nolan take on a lot of looks for various occasions, but we have to wonder if (read: hope) we’ll get a chance to see him before he was rocking the designer duds. What could casual, regular Joe Nolan possibly look like!?

2. The Porter family isn’t so squeaky clean as they seem.Though Nick Wechsler is always talking about Jack Porter being the conscience of the show — and not just for Emily — we’re about to learn that maybe the apple does fall far from the tree… and then roll down a hill. Jack may be a stand-up, always trying to do the right thing kind of guy, but his dad? Well, as we will learn on “Lineage,” his dad had some nefarious dealings that may be coming to haunt his boys now, despite him long since being in the grave.

3. Victoria Grayson gets her fashion sense from her mother, but the audience gets some insight into Victoria. Be prepared to be conflicted about your feelings, Revengers. You may have spent a season and a third loving to hate Victoria, but when you meet her mother (played by guest star Adrienne Barbeau), you may not be able to help feeling just a tad bit sorry for Victoria. Or at least understanding her a lot more. When you grow up with someone horrible as your role model and influence, it’s hard not to absorb a good chunk of it. Maybe the way Victoria is suddenly makes a lot more sense!

4. Guest stars galore! In addition to Barbeau and the return of Brian Goodman, “Lineage” also boasts younger counterparts to both Victoria and Declan, and EJ Bonilla, as a past business partner/romance for Nolan.

5. Revenger Emily cuts her teeth.2006 sees Emily’s first mission for Takeda, undercover in a bar, where she more than holds her own against Aiden and the other seedy types. Her willingness to pull a gun in public may be the only thing to mark her as an amateur, but hey, don’t we all get the jitters and make a mistake or two on our first day at a new job?

Click through a gallery of shots from “Lineage” above.

Revenge airs on Sunday nights at 9 PM on ABC.

What character are you most excited to learn more about in this special flashback episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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