Get Shopping: Cyber Monday Electronics Gift Giving Guide (GALLERY)

Find the gifts that bring out your inner celebrity
Black Friday may get all the fanfare, but hardcore shoppers – and crowd-sensitive celebrities – know that for great online bargains, Cyber Monday and beyond present the best opportunities to save money, without the hassle of filling a thermos with coffee and lining up at your favorite store in the middle of the night.

In today’s Celebuzz gallery, we are on point to help you choose the best Cyber Monday electronic gifts for everyone on your shopping list. From Daniel Craig-loving Bond fans in need of a Bluray fix, to tech-savvy children who are ready for a tablet of their very own, this list breaks down the right holiday must-haves.

Cyber Monday has become a holiday phenomenon.

Cyber Monday has become more and more popular over the past few years since the term was coined.   Individuals who have seen too many horror stories about crowds gathering at their local stores have found satisfaction with getting great day-specific deals without having to emerge from their home, or their PJs. How big has the Cyber Monday become?  Industry experts estimate over $1.5 billion is sales over the course of the day in 2012.