Halle Berry's Ex and Fiance Brawl: Get In On the Conversation with HLN Anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell

Gabriel's Black Eye
Halle Berry's ex emerges after fight with Olivier Martinez. Read More »

Halle Berry had anything but a relaxing Thanksgiving holiday, as Celebuzz previously reported.

On Nov. 22, Halle’s ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, was dropping off their four-year-old daughter, Nahla Ariela Aubry, at the Cloud Atlas star's home in Los Angeles when a fight broke out between Aubry and Berry’s fiance, Olivier Martinez.

Aubry, 37, and Martinez, 46, were both taken to the ER for minor injuries with Aubry sustaining a nasty black eye while Martinez injured his hand. Aubry was later arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery. He was released on $20,000 bail, but is due back in court on Dec. 13.

Berry, 46, is reportedly going to court early this week seeking a permanent restraining order against Aubry. A temporary restraining order is currently keeping Aubry at least 100 yards away from Berry, their daughter Nahla, and Martinez.

This fight between Aubry and Martinez is just the latest in a nasty feud between the two, which has been exacerbated in recent months by a judge denying Berry’s request to move to France with her and Aubry’s daughter.

Do you think it’s right for Gabriel Aubry to not be allowed to see his daughter following the Thanksgiving Day fight? Should Halle Berry be able to move to France with her and Aubry’s daughter?

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  • Bing Lagon Smith
    Bing Lagon Smith

    olivier is not even in his homeland and he managed to beat up Gabriel.how much more if the poor dad vist his daughter in france.Gabriel came to drop Nahla not to talk or confront him.if he doesnt want to talk about Halle and thier problem so be it.Olivier had no business confronting him about anything that regards to his kid.

  • Mike Peters
    Mike Peters

    Halle should absolutely not be allowed to move to France. I think this latest event between Gabriel and Olivier was planned just so she could make a case against Gabe to keep him from his visitation. If anything I think a judge should look into the matter and decide who would be the better parent. I'll damn sure bet that if Gabe was awarded custodial parent she would even consider moving to France.