Halle Berry's Ex, Gabriel Aubry, Emerges With Black Eye After Thanksgiving Fight With Olivier Martinez (PHOTO)


UPDATE 3:06 P.M. PST: Gabriel Aubry obtained a civil restraining order against Halle Berry's fiancee Olivier Martinez today, at L.A. County Superior Court, according to TMZ.

Gabriel Aubry looks visibly bruised and battered in the first photo taken of the 37-year-old model since his Thanksgiving day fight with Olivier Martinez.

In the photo above, Aubry is seen with a huge black-and-blue swelling under his left eye as he quietly makes his way to a friend's BMW in Los Angeles. The swelling is so bad, it looks as if Aubry can barely open his eye at all.

As previously reported, the shiner was a result of an altercation Aubry had with Martinez inside the home of his former girlfriend, Halle Berry. At the time, Aubry was dropping off his and Berry's daughter, Nahla, 4.

The violent altercation landed Aubry in the ER -- not to mention in prison, where he was booked on misdemeanor battery charges and later released on $20,000 bail. He is due back in court on Dec. 13.

Berry was subsequently granted an emergency protection order against Aubry, which states he cannot come within 100 yards of Berry, Martinez or Nahla. Berry is expected to be in court this week to extend the order indefinitely.

Aubry, Berry and Martinez have been involved in a nasty feud in the last few months, exacerbated by Berry’s attempts to move Nahla to Martinez’s home country of France to keep her away from the paparazzi. (Berry is currently engaged to Martinez.)

A judge denied Berry’s request earlier this month.


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  • Suzy's

    Seriously, smells a little fishy. Berry is denied by Judge to move to Paris with daughter last week and now she gets restraining order barring Aubrey from seeing daughter and he goes to jail! Have you seen his battered face? Martinez looks unscathed and he supposedly was attached by Aubrey! Sounds like a setup by Miss Halle Berry. Really she needs to see a doctor for some serious therapy. She seems to have a problem with all the former men in her life....could it be her??? Look out, you never know what she will say about you Olivier when your time is up! I think she needs to realize Aubrey is and will always be the father of her daughter no matter how many times she tries to get him out of Nahla's life. Grow up Halle.

  • madeline rodriguez andino
    madeline rodriguez andino

    his is Halles fault for not wanting to share her daughter with the father if it wasen't for him she wouldn't have had her and she puts things in to her new boyfriends hed witchshe will kick him out soon too.

  • ia

    what's with Halle Berry - a boyfriend who beats up the father of her baby girl. What is wrong with her?

  • HeyThatsMe!

    I think he did not win that fight. Martinez didn't look that bad.

  • Russell

    Lord, would it kill him to brush his hair?