Kate Middleton’s Secret Style Weapon: A Bold Belt

Kate Middleton's Island Style
The Duchess colorful looks from the South-Pacific Diamond Jubilee tour.
Kate Brings Back the Suit
The Duchess of Cambridge gives a ladylike skirt suit look a modern update.
No matter how cute your winter wardrobe, when it’s cold outside, the most important part of your holiday ensemble is your coat.

The most visible element of your look as you run from store to store or party to party, your coat will get plenty of play time throughout the holidays — far more than what’s underneath.

So take a cue from Kate Middleton and make just as chic of a statement with your outerwear as with what you wear underneath.

Not only has the practical princess sported coats in the season’s hottest hues while attending various events this fall, but she’s also managed to give last year’s coats a fresh update.

The secret to the Duchess of Cambridge’s polished outerwear? We’ll give you a hint: It doesn’t require a royal-sized budget.

A waist-defining belt.

Middleton demonstrated how to make a ladylike coat look modern, not matronly, simply by adding a series of chic cinchers to her classic three-quarter length coats.

For an inexpensive way to update last season’s coat, steal the Duchess’ styling trick, and cinch your outerwear with a statement belt in a rich black, brown or metallic.

Not only will a belt create a flattering silhouette out of bulky outwear, but as Middleton demonstrates, it can instantly make an old coat look new. Invest in a few festive belts,  and you don’t have to worry about running into the same crowd in the same coat while making the holiday party rounds.

Flip through the gallery to take a closer look at how Middleton’s wardrobe wonder is getting through her the season in style.

Now we want your cold-weather dressing tips: What are your secrets to updating last season’s jackets and dresses — and what are the wardrobe wonders you rely on?

Get a closer look at the crimson coat Kate Middleton wore to attend an event with Prince William over the weekend in the video below.

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