Kendall Jenner Looks Stunning on Cover of Miss Vogue (PHOTOS)

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She's got legs! Kendall Jenner shows off her mile-high pins for her Miss Vogue photo shoot. Earlier this month, Jenner visited Australia to shoot the spread for the Australia Vogue spinoff.

The sophisticated shots features Jenner in a range of short shorts and slinky gowns.

Jenner posted to her blog Sunday that she was "thrilled and so excited" to share the entire shoot with the world.

Jenner's older sister couldn't hide her support for her 17-year-old sister.

Kim Kardashian tweeted "Kendall's legs... I'm jealous!" after viewing the shots of Jenner in partly-sheer mini shorts.

"The Miss Vogue shoot Kendall shot is amazing," she added.

What do you think of Jenner's Vogue shoot? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • Tommy Alexander
    Tommy Alexander

    The poor baby looks like she swapped legs with a Kildee and got cheated out of her a$$. She is pretty though.

  • rubio

    You morons have been brainwashed by the media into thinking those sticks are sexy. For God's sake she doesnt have any calf or thigh. they are just skinny little boy/girl legs. no shape, no form. k kardashian is just trying to sexualize her LITTLE sister so the dynasty will continue. And to think some of you fell for it.

  • joann

    She is still a child. Unfortunately she's been raised around a bunch of morons who think their butts are their claim to fame. Perhaps someone in the family besides Bruce could a read a book. Maybe encourage Kendall to go to college and become something other than "great legs". I just saw a picture of Kim in a see-through dress showing her entire butt including the crack. What message does this send to a her younger sister? These people are so self-centered I worry for Kendall. Be strong girl. Do not follow in your sister's footsteps no matter how hard you crazy mother shoves you in that direction to produce more bucks for her.

  • AllisonHarold

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  • preciouspeachypanda


  • Sky

    Wooow she looks stunning

  • Danielle

    She's just fantastic!

  • siaho

    i know she's only 17, so forgive me, it's not my intent to seem creepy or anything, but good lord! no lie at all when they say "she's got legs!" Kendall, you are gorgeous!